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The meta is reasonably diverse right now, but it mostly breaks down to these decks:


Tier 1:


War Lock


Tier 2:




Tier 3:
Battle Man


"So Cato, you brilliant, shining star of insight, what deck are YOU playing this season?" Well, I'm glad you asked.


I got the original list from Thijs like 2 months ago, but I made a bunch of changes since.

The deck is pretty powerful in the current meta.

Against aggro, you just play your dumb cantrips turns 2-4 just to slow them down a bit so you're not completely run over, then drop a sweeper on turn 5 or 6. You have 6 different sweepers in the deck, and raven and bright-eyed to help you dig for them. Anyways, after you cleared them and they re-develop, you just clear them again. Eventually, they'll run out of gas and start having weak turns, and then you can drop some kind of bomb and they'll never get back on the board with, like, playing a topdecked 2 drop every turn.

Against the decks that you need to pressure (shudderwock, warrior, druid) you're also great. You play a bunch of your cantrips to develop a board without spending any cards, then you can make all kinds of high-impact proactive plays. Astromancer-ing a King Krush or a Tirion is great, but astromancering an Ozruk or a Seaforium bomber is still two 5/5s that they have to deal with. Sindragosa, Lich King, and whatever big-ass taunt you pulled off of stonehill also let you make proactive threats, so you aren't a complete sitting duck to those sorts of decks the way the older, attrition-based big mage decks were.

And all of this leaves out Jaina. Beautiful, beautiful Jaina. Does your opponent have a 1/2 elemental token and a 4/3 damaged minion that you kill by playing blizzard an pinging it? That turn's ****, dude. That turn sucks ass. But with Jaina, suddenly that turn becomes amazing. Jaina literally does everything. Is your opponent out-valuing you? No. Is your opponent beating you in tempo because over half your deck costs 5+? Not anymore. Is your opponent threatening to burn you out despite your overwhelming card and board advantage? Get outta here. Jaina puts you ahead in every metric, and if you aren't ridiculously far behind on the turn you play her, it's very difficult to lose. Play her as soon as your opponent doesn't have a must-answer-this-turn board. Set up your preceding turns so that you can cast her on curve, no matter how much value you have to spew to do it.

Some general advice:
Mulligans: keep anything that costs 2-4. If you're playing against a deck that can't kill you before you get Jaina, keep Jaina. If you're playing against priest, druid or warrior, keep Geist. If you aren't, keep dragon's fury. If you're playing against priest, warrior, or warlock, keep polymorph. If you're playing against paladin, keep blizzard. Never keep artificer, you don't want to play it until at least turn 7.

Keep track of what spells you've drawn/played. This tells you what your dragon's fury can roll, and what your raven can draw (or not draw).

Some boards can be cleared equally well with multiple different sweepers. Save the one that you think will be the most useful later. Dragon's fury is generally the strongest, but if you're playing a slow matchup where you're usually ahead on board, or you may reach fatigue and find it to be a dead card, blow it first. Meteor is more or less useful depending on whether your opponent's deck goes big or wide. Blizzard is mostly useful in tandem with other sweepers. It says it does 2 damage, but it actually does 2 + the damage of the dragon's fury that you were going to use on their new guys next turn anyways.

Dragon's fury is often a nether. If you can afford to, try to use it the turn before you make a big proactive play like astromancer, lich king, or Jaina, choosing to make weaker plays on the earlier turns instead, like applebaum or stonehill + ping. You can afford to take a bit of damage from falling behind sometimes, and their stuff will all die the turn you dragon's fury anyways.

You rarely want to coin out a 2 or a 3 drop. It's often best to save coin for an early first sweeper against aggro, or a turn 8 jaina.

In slow matchups, it can be worth it to hold cards you have the mana for just to make your astromancer bigger. You can also sandbag your astromancer for after you've played lich king or Sindragosa, both of whom boost your hand size.

Save ooze against druid that hasn't proved it doesn't run twig yet, any warlock that isn't zoo or evenlock, warrior, and, if you can, paladin. Especially for vinecleaver against odd paladin, that's worth infinitely more than eating a 2 damage hammer charge.

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