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Posting this here as this post on its original site was archived by admins and I wanted to share it with someone on a discord server

Otome, the Butcher of Kumogakure
Character Sheet: International Edition

Official Timeline
  1. "This Isn't My Sword" [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  2. Bitter Reunion [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  3. Coffee Shop Banter [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  4. The Body Count [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  5. Overdue Homework [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  6. The Thousand Knives of Mochizuki Komora [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  7. Unlikely Contenders [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  8. Hitting the Bottle [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  9. Kidunnapping [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  10. Kidunnapping pt 2 [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  11. Kill the Sound Act 1 [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  12. Kill the Sound Act 2 [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  13. After Class and Chill [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  14. Cooley High [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  15. Party Like It's 2016 [url=''](LINK)[/url]
  16. Kill the Sound Act 3 [url=''](LINK)[/url]

  • Name: Shinigawa Otome
  • Birthday: April 4th
  • Gender: Asexual
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Late Teens
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Blood Type: AB+
  • Apparent Kekkai Genkai: Nanjirou (note: is not actually of Nanjirou descent herself)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (note: not Neutral Nice by any means)
  • Homeland: (Susukino District - Koigokoro House) Land of Lightning
  • Current Home: Kumogakure
  • Affiliation(s): Cloud
  • Last Known Main Branch Rank: Genin
  • Last Known ANBU Branch Rank: ANBU-in-Training
  • Aliases: The Butcher (Cloud specific), Skull Kid (Cloud ANBU specific)

"Mental Description"

"Physical Description"

"Origin Story"

"Trivia and Et Cetera"

Cloud Dossier


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