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The Solo Adventures topic (any type of "Run")
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Author:  thefiremind [ Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Solo Adventures topic (any type of "Run")

So, what do you think of the Rumble Runs? As of now, I managed to win with 2 shrines: the Rogue's "card stealing" and the Mage's "hero power" ones. I find the idea really interesting and the fact that there are so many different shrines makes me want to play until I tried them all. However, I think some of them are poorly balanced and before I even have the chance to build a decent deck supporting them, I get crushed by the competition. Most notably:
  • The Priest's "triple deathrattle": I lost the first match because with just 3 health it got destroyed before I could cash my minions in, and by the time it came back I was already too far behind.
  • The Paladin's "buff spell copier": was I really unlucky, or did they actually not include 3-card loots supporting it? In 4 wins I never saw one. EDIT: I saw the "Reinforce" loot in the next Paladin run: it seems it doesn't come very often.
  • The Shaman's "spells cost 2 less" and the Warlock's "pay spells with life": it seems I don't know how to take advantage of those. Sure, I can play spells earlier, but the result is I just get to topdecking earlier...
  • The Druid's "refresh mana with armor": this actually seems fun when the AI plays it, the problem is you start with a deck that doesn't know what to do with more mana. I lost the first match because I emptied my deck without accomplishing anything.

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