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The plane of Taramir has reached the end of its time. The struggles of the Waning Age have been forgotten, for the sun has set for the final time, leaving the world in darkness. Fires burn in the Evernight, a land of ash and volcanoes where mortals struggle to survive. And within that darkness also dwell the nightstalkers, many of which are creatures of primal rage and desire. It is not a world to be entered lightly, and the light cannot always be trusted, drawing the unwary as moths to the flame

☼Taramir Block☼
Taramir Block consists of three sets: Taramir, Waning Light, and finally Age of Darkness. All three sets feature the new mechanics Salvage and Decay as well as the returning mechanic Cumulative Upkeep. In addition, Waning Light brought Fateseal into the picture. To this, Age of Darkness adds the return of Vanishing.

Salvage: Salvage is an activated ability that can be activated only when the card with salvage is in its owner's graveyard, when he or she could cast a sorcery. Salvaging a card exiles it and has the listed effects. Taramir introduced Salvage while Waning Light added off-color salvage costs and Salvage spells with effects dissimilar to their initial effect from being cast. Age of Darkness introduces Colorless and Nonmana salvage costs.

Decay: Decay is an ability word that causes one or more depletion counters to be added to the permanent with Decay, and causes it to be sacrificed when too many depletion counters have been accumulated.

~Red Rares~
The red rares really hate lands. Seriously, the only card incapable of causing one to move zones is Brimstone Stormclouds, though Nightstalker Invasion eats your own rather than acting aggressively. I've actually wondered a bit at that, looking at it, and am seriously considering replacing the Earthburner with a different card, one that doesn't screw with land.

Evernight Earthburner
Creature – Nightstalker Shaman [R]
Cumulative Upkeep – :r: and 2 Life
At the beginning of your end step, destroy target land for each age counter on Evernight Earthburner.

Magmablood Dragon
Creature – Dragon [R]
Flying, Vanishing 4
When Magmablood Dragon dies, if it had a time counter on it, exile it and destroy target land

Creature – Incarnation [R]
Sacrifice Volcanism: Volcanism deals 3 damage to each creature without flying. Each player sacrifices three lands.

Tectonic Break (Reprint)

Brimstone Stormclouds
Enchantment [R]
Cumulative Upkeep :r:
At the beginning of each player’s upkeep, Brimstone Stormclouds deals X damage, divided as you choose, between that player and any number of target creatures or planeswalkers that player controls, where X is equal to the number of age counters on it.

Nightstalker Invasion
Instant [R]
As an additional cost to cast Nightstalker Invasion, sacrifice any number of lands and/or walls.
Put X 2/2 red nightstalker creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield, where X is equal to three times the number of permanents sacrificed to cast Nightstalker Invasion.

~Red Mythic~
Let's talk about the word "Ultimate". It means both "Final" and "Greatest". I guess that makes sense -- once you have the best and biggest, you don't need another example up and coming. In the Age of Darkness, there is, fairly regularly, the last of something -- the last light to go out, the last lost survivor to die, the last member of a dying species. But very rarely is there the "ultimate" of anything. This, however, is Taramir's ultimate dragon -- not only the final dragon but the grandest, something that looks down on every other dragon that came before...


"Enjoy your screams, Sarpadia - they will soon be muffled beneath snow and ice."

The Coalition/Phyrexian War Game Rises Again

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