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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:11 pm 
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The plane of Taramir has reached the end of its time. The struggles of the Waning Age have been forgotten, for the sun has set for the final time, leaving the world in darkness. The Evernight, that realm the sun has forsaken, beyond civilization and hope, has a core of the blackest magic. The entire world is falling into darkness, but within there is not simply oblivion...

☼Taramir Block☼
Taramir Block consists of three sets: Taramir, Waning Light, and finally Age of Darkness. All three sets feature the new mechanics Salvage and Decay as well as the returning mechanic Cumulative Upkeep. In addition, Waning Light brought Fateseal into the picture. To this, Age of Darkness adds the return of Vanishing.

Salvage: Salvage is an activated ability that can be activated only when the card with salvage is in its owner's graveyard, when he or she could cast a sorcery. Salvaging a card exiles it and has the listed effects. Taramir introduced Salvage while Waning Light added off-color salvage costs and Salvage spells with effects dissimilar to their initial effect from being cast. Age of Darkness introduces Colorless and Nonmana salvage costs.

Decay: Decay is an ability word that causes one or more depletion counters to be added to the permanent with Decay, and causes it to be sacrificed when too many depletion counters have been accumulated.

~Black Commons~
The black commons are a more defensive lot than they have been before. True, they only have one wall (though I feel it a good one), but Mindceaser and Wailer have large rear ends and the Necroservant is a drudge skeleton variant (though a very strange one). Mindceaser is also notable for its support of the mill subtheme in Age of Darkness.

Fortress Necroservant
Creature – Skeleton [C]
Vanishing 7
Remove a time counter from Fortress Necroservant: Regenerate Fortress Necroservant
The Grand Fortress shunned no magic, and wasted no potential resource.

Wall of Night
Creature – Wall [C]
Whenever Wall of Night blocks a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature.

Nightspawned Saboteurs
Creature – Gremlin
Salvage :2:: Destroy target artifact or wall.

Evernight Vagabond
Creature – Nightstalker [C]
Protection from White
They go where they please, bringing the darkness with them

Nightstalker Wailer
Creature – Nightstalker Shaman [C]
:t:: Fateseal 1
Their howls predict deaths to come

Creature – Horror [C]
Cumulative Upkeep :1:
When Mindceaser dies, Exile X cards from target player’s graveyard and the top X cards of his or her library. X is the number of age counters on Mindceaser.

Innocent Blood (Reprint)

Terror (Reprint)

Fetid Blessing
Enchantment – Aura [C]
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature gets +4/+0
Decay – Put a depletion counter on Fetid Blessing: Regenerate Enchanted Creature Then, if there are two or more depletion counters on Fetid Blessing, sacrifice it.

Footsteps of Doom
Enchantment – Aura [C]
Enchant Creature
Vanishing 3
When Footsteps of Doom leaves the battlefield, enchanted creature’s controller sacrifices it.
“I hear them, walking in the night, the tread of those titanic things echoing though the very earth. Closer, closer they come… but I will not be here when they arrive. Any other fate would be better.” – Varrignan, the Mad Lorekeeper

Reach of Darkness
Instant [C]
Destroy target creature
Salvage :2::b::b:: Each opponent discards a card for each creature card in his or her graveyard.

"Enjoy your screams, Sarpadia - they will soon be muffled beneath snow and ice."

The Coalition/Phyrexian War Game Rises Again

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:24 am 
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Nightspawned Saboteurs should not allow a mono-black deck to destroy artifacts. I get that you have some colorless salvage costs in the set, but those at least fit mechanically within the color of the card in question. Nightspawned Saboteurs is a black card with a red activated ability.

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