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 Post subject: Vetoes
PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:00 am 
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LilyStorm wrote:
A plane that no longer moves. One side is completely frozen and the other is a hellish wasteland where the sun never sets.

TPzombieW wrote:
Card Type Matters (not subtype, I'm talking the stuff Tarmogoyf cares about)

Listed below are all the changes I've made to Starstill 1.0. For the extended changelog, with explanations as to my thought process, see this post.

It's been very important to me that I keep this project a communal one, and never exert an iron fist over it. To that end, it's important to me that people skim through this changelog and tell me if they have a problem with any of it. If you do, please say something! The change shall be undone unless someone else challenges the veto, in which case it will be put up to a vote in a separate thread.


(* indicates that a card has been directly replaced with something in Additions.)

Glyph of the Guardian

Written into History




Out Cold

Seal of Frigid Winds*

Drowning Sand

Gale of Denial

Shape Reality

Unwoven Spellstuff


Instruments of Torture*

Wendigo Soulhunter*

Horde beneath the Ice

Bahraz the Tyrant*

Knifetail Ambush

Gruff, Wayward Wanderer*

Groveskipper Ouphe*

Natural Rebirth [STS]*

Resurgence of Strength*

Seal of Flourishing Blossoms*

Viashino Suncaller*

Might of Maraka

Control Bug

Gravity Mage*

Bloodgear Bruiser*

Quietus Engine*

Druid's Heirloom

Viashino Warwagon*

Blade of Inspiration

Barren Manifest

The Manufactory


Galvanic Crystallization
Instant (U)
Choose one—
• Target creature becomes an artifact until end of turn. (It stops being a creature.)
• Target creature's base power and toughness become equal to the number of artifacts you control until end of turn.

Seal of Howling Winds
Enchantment (C)
Sacrifice Seal of Howling Winds: Return target permanent to its owner's hand.
"Cower as the cold wind blows!
Go back to where the flowers grow."
—Seal inscription

Blizzard of Vicissitudes
Instant (R)
Counter up to one target spell.
Tap up to one target creature.
Untap up to one target artifact.
You may draw a card.

Cross the Terminator
Instant (R)
Exile all cards from all graveyards. For each creature card exiled this way, create a 1/1 white Cleric enchantment creature token.
The longitudinal midpoint of a celestial body is called the terminator. On Starstill, this is Maraka, but the word has taken on a broader meaning of any division between two dichotomies, including that between life and death.

Weight of Despair
Enchantment — Aura (C)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets -1/-1 for each enchantment you control.

Pernicious Permafrost
Enchantment (U)
: Each opponent loses 3 life.
"If the wendigo don't eat you, the scavengers don't rob you, and the madness doesn't claim you, the frost itself will take what's left."
—Anjara, Direholm ranger

Ice-Risen Shambler
Creature — Zombie (C)
When Ice-Risen Shambler enters the battlefield, each player discards a card.

Bahraz the Tyrant
Planeswalker – Bahraz (M)
Whenever a creature dies, put a loyalty counter on Bahraz, the Tyrant.
Destroy all creatures.
As long as Bahraz, the Tyrant has ten or more loyalty counters on him, he's a 20/20 Bahraz God planeswalker creature.

Stonelance Smith
Creature — Ogre (R)
First strike
When Stonelance Smith enters the battlefield, you may put an artifact card with converted mana cost 3 or less from your hand onto the battlefield.
Killing good is the ogre's only measure of great innovation.

Gruff, Wayward Wanderer
Planeswalker — Gruff (M)
: Each creature with the highest power can't attack Gruff, Wayward Wanderer until your next turn.
: Destroy target artifact.
: Search your library for a red creature card and put it onto the battlefield under your control, then shuffle Gruff into his owner's library.

Everbloom Sapling
Creature — Treefolk (C)
: Add .
In a world frozen, lost in time, one can find eternity in the pedal of a flower.

Walking Compost
Creature — Fungus (C)
When Walking Compost dies, create three 1/1 green Treefolk Saproling creature tokens.
"Many ecosystems are known to contain predators, who eat prey, whose corpses are then decomposed into plant matter for the cycle to begin again. Never before have I seen a single creature play all three roles at once!"
—Lale Bilik,
Compendium of Natural Life

Resurgence of Strength
Put two +1/+1 counters on target creature. If that creature is sylvan, put four +1/+1 counters on it instead. (Treefolk, Forests, and enchanted permanents are sylvan.)

Seal of Synchronous Sundering
Enchantment (C)
Sacrifice Seal of Synchronous Sundering: Destroy target enchantment and all other enchantments with the same name as that enchantment.
"Though change has halted with the stars,
We still can take back what is ours."
—Seal inscription

Viashino Suncaller
Creature — Viashino Nomad Shaman (U)
Viashino Suncaller gets +1/+1 and has vigilance as long as it's enchanted.
: Untap target sylvan permanent. (Treefolk, Forests, and enchanted permanents are sylvan.)
"My brethren call me heretic for bringing the walking trees to our sands. But if the sun gives the desert life, so too can the earth."

Griftgear Beguiler
Artifact Creature — Golem Rogue (C)
, Sacrifice Griftgear Beguiler: Target creature with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn.
, Sacrifice Griftgear Beguiler: Target creature with power 2 or less can't block this turn.

Balancer of Mirrors
Artifact Creature — Golem Cleric (C)
, Sacrifice Balancer of Mirrors: You gain 3 life.
, Sacrifice Balancer of Mirrors: Each opponent loses 3 life.

Quietus Engine
Artifact Creature — Juggernaut (C)
, Sacrifice Quietus Engine: Creatures you don't control get -1/-1 until end of turn.
, Sacrifice Quietus Engine: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

Viashino Warwagon
Artifact — Vehicle (C)
Whenever Viashino Warwagon attacks, it and other attacking creatures you control get +1/+0 until end of turn.
Crew 2
It takes two viashino to operate a warwagon: one to drive it, and another to get its wheels free from the sand.

Wanderer of Direholm
Artifact Creature — Golem (C)
Protection from enchantments
Denizens of Direholm say its crystalline caves are so cold, time itself moves slower through them. To the golems who lurk within their depths, it might as well be true.

Primordial Purification
Instant (M)
Choose one—
• Target player gains life equal to the number of lands you control; or
• Primordial Purification deals damage to target player equal to the number of lands you control.



Relics changed to Clues on the following cards (* indicates that these cards have undergone additional balance/design changes besides that):

• New batching keyword: Sylvan. (Treefolk, Forests, and enchanted permanents are sylvan.)

– The following cards have been revised to reference it directly:

– The following cards have had their creature type changed to Treefolk:


Aloise's Assistance: Regenerate -> indestructible until end of turn. Mastery bonus made baseline.

Auramancer: /2/2 -> /2/4 (Colorshifted to Green)

Auspicious Reversal: Now creates enchantment creature tokens.


– Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

– Mana cost changed from to .

Wanderer of Illpyre: P/T changed from 2/2 to 1/4.

Collector of Antiques: Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

Illpyre Inquisitor:

– Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Added first strike.

– "Creatures you control have protection from that creature until end of turn." -> "Creatures you control have protection from creatures with the chosen name." (Note that this is no longer until end of turn.)

– P/T increased from 2/2 to 3/4.

Sun Spirit:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

– Instead of having power equal to the number of enchantments you control and toughness equal to the number of creatures you control, its power and toughness are each equal to the number of enchantments plus the number of creatures you control.

Brenem, Light's Shadow:

– Rarity decreased from Mythic to Rare.

– Mana cost changed from to (Colorshifted to Orzhov)

– No longer Legendary.

– Toughness decreased from 6 to 4.


Arcane Scrying:

– Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Instead of searching the top five cards of your library, it simply tutors for an instant or sorcery card.

Consortium Engineer: Added a "with power 2 or less" rider (in addition to the Clue change).

Mist Weaver: /1/1 -> /2/4

Curious Visionary:

– "Tap five untapped artifacts you control: Draw two cards." -> "Tap four untapped artifacts you control: Draw a card."

/1/1 -> /1/4

Chronicler Sphinx:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Instead of activating at the end of every turn, its effect now occurs when it enters the battlefield.


Cheapshot Enthusiast:

– Colorshifted to Red.

– Deathtouch changed to first strike.

Icy Whisper

– Colorshifted to Blue.

– Mana cost reduced to .

– Flashback target spell with CMC 2 or less -> CMC 3 or less.

Scavenging Wendigo: "exile two cards" -> "exile a creature card"

Rattleskull Shaman:

/3/1 -> /1/3

– Intimidate changed to deathtouch.

Seal of Churned Earth:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Now also mills you for six before it Raise Deads a creature in your graveyard.

Mind Shivers: Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

Winterplague Wendigo: Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

Test Subject:

– Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

/1/1 -> /4/2

– "you draw a card and lose 1 life" -> "you draw two cards and lose 4 life"

Brittle Bones:

– Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

– Intimidate changed to menace.

Mass of Bones:

– Added defender.

– ": Regenerate ~" changed to "Sacrifice a creature: ~ loses defender until EOT"

– Power equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard instead of power AND toughness.

– Toughness set to 3.


Blazing Haint: First strike replaced with "You or a planeswalker you control must be attacked each turn if able."

Desert Shimmer: "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control" replaced with "Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell"


– Mana cost increased from to .

– Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

– "target creature can't block this turn" changed to "you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card."

Living Bonfire:

– Mana cost reduced from to .

– Is now an enchantment instead of a 4/4 creature.

– Puts a +1/+1 counter on target creature instead of itself.

Knifetail Waylayer: P/T changed from 2/2 to 3/1.

Sandpit Wurm: Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

Viashino Warchief: Intimidate changed to menace.

Tinderbranch: Intimidate changed to haste.

Metalbound Monster:

– Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

– Haste changed to menace.

Gleam Collector:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Haste changed to trample.

– "instead put that many +1/+1 counters on Gleam Collector" -> "you may instead put twice that many +1/+1 counters on Gleam Collector"

– 1/1 -> 4/4

Spark of Imagination:

– Colorshifted to Blue.

– Haste changed to flash.

Lithomancy: Mana cost changed from to .


Borderland Ranger:

– Now puts the basic land onto the battlefield tapped instead of into your hand.

/2/2 -> /3/2

Blooming Marlback: /3/3 -> /4/4

Cloak of Winter:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Added flash.

Gift of Maraka

– Mana cost increased from to .

– +2/+2 -> +3/+3

Oasis Dryads:

/3/5 -> /1/4

– No longer an enchantment.

Wasteland Sanctifier: /1/1 -> /3/1

Lurking Frostjaw:

– Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.

/3/3 -> /0/1

Snapping Land Wurm: Rarity decreased from Uncommon to Common.

Glimmerhide Yeti:

– Rarity increased from Uncommon to Rare.

– "Auras you control have ': Regenerate enchanted permanent.'" -> "Sylvan permanents you control have hexproof. (Treefolk, Forests, and enchanted permanents are sylvan.)"

Maraka Wolfcaller — "another creature" -> "a sylvan permanent"

Tyrant Wurm:

– Rarity increased from Rare to Mythic.

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Added hexproof, trample, and indestructible.

– Power increased from 4 to 5.


Antique Guardian:

– No longer a creature.

– Now creates a Clue upon entering as well as upon leaving the battlefield.

Thermal Navigator:

/2/2 -> /0/2

– Sacrificing an artifact now gives it +1/+0 until end of turn in addition to just flying, but can only be used once a turn.

Wandering Collective: /2/2 -> /1/2

Coldmetal Coat:

– Mana cost decreased from to .

– +2/+2 -> +0/+3

– Equip cost increased from to .

Weathered Cloak: Protection from the chosen color -> Protection from the chosen card type. "This effect doesn't remove Equipment" rider added.

Cutthroat Automaton:

– Mana cost changed from to (Colorshifted to Blue)

– Artifact Creature -> Enchantment Creature

Shatterspear Insignia:

– Mana cost increased from to .

– Equip cost increased from to .

– "creature spells you cast this turn cost less to cast." -> "you may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped and attacking."

Scavenger's Sack:

– Now triggers off of combat damage, not just any damage (in addition to the Clue change).

– "Equipped creature has 'Sacrifice an artifact: Scavenger's Sack deals 1 damage to target creature.'" -> "Whenever you sacrifice an artifact, equipped creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn."

– Equip cost reduced from to .

Metalscape: Alternate cost increased from to .



• All instances of Frostwynd changed to Direholm.

• All references to Wanuranti changed to Bahraz.


Aloise's Assistance:

– Name reverted to its original playtest name of Simple Repairs.

– New flavor text:

"Just recalibrate the fluctuation module, connect the arcanometer to the power matrix, spin around, and clap your hands twice, then… boom-presto! A working magic detector, good as new."
—Aloise Hartley


– Name changed to Shadebough Storyteller.

– Creature type changed from Human Wizard to Treefolk.

– New flavor text:

"Come, dear children, gather 'round!
Listen to the sacred sound
Of music sung so long ago
The sun itself danced to and fro."

Indomitable Will — Added Ace of Moxes's flavor text from the original post:

"The stars are unchanging, so too I am."

Seal of Gleaming Sun:

– Renamed Seal of Shifting Sands.

– New flavor text:

"Forsake your name within these runes;
Become as faceless as the dunes."
—Seal inscription

Wanderer of Illpyre: New flavor text:

The endless dunes may seem daunting to any mad enough to visit, but to a lost soul who has been there longer than a lifetime, the sun and sand bring peace to a violent death.

• Auspicious Reversal:

– Renamed Desperate Prayer.

– Creature tokens changed from Soldiers to Clerics.

– Flavor text made into a quote and attributed to Volget the Wanderer from Unshakable Resolve.

Illpyre Inquisitor: New flavor text:

"I don't care who you work for. All I need to know is your name. The rest will come thenceforth."

Brenem, Light's Shadow:

– Renamed Light's Shadow.

– Creature type changed from Angel to Angel Nightmare.


Arcane Scrying:

– Renamed Riddle of the Sphinx.

– New flavor text:

"When darkness falls as sunlight rises,
What color's left to paint the sky with?"

Sneaky Gadgeteer: Renamed Guide of Lost Caverns.

Forgotten Dream: Creature type changed from Illusion Incarnation to Spirit.

Desolation Sphinx: Renamed Scorchbane Sphinx.

Humata Sphinx:

– Renamed Mirage Stalker.

– Creature type changed from Sphinx to Illusion Horror.

Rune-Gear Tinkerer: Renamed Runegear Tinker.

Glacinorak, the Frozen Heart: Flavor text changed to:

"The seasons disturbed me, and for once, my sister agreed with me."


Seal of Churned Earth: Flavor text changed to:

"O sorry wretch beneath the sand,
Rise and make your final stand!"
—Seal inscription

Brittle Bones: Flavor text added:

It's worse than it looks.

Mass of Bones:

– Renamed Wall of Bones.

– Creature type from Skeleton to Skeleton Wall.

Student of Finality: Flavor text added:

"From the unsmiling nihilist to Elori's most devout apostle, we all worship at the altar of Nothing. So it shall be until the stars resume their dance."

Wanuranti, Lich of the Lost:

– Renamed The Faceless Herald.

– Creature type changed from Zombie Wizard to Advisor.

– Flavor text added:

"What better god is there to worship than the one who has no face?"
—Zafar the Mad



– Name changed to Scorchbane Scourers.

– Creature type changed from Viashino Shaman changed to Viashino Nomad.

Tinderbranch: New flavor text:

Far less inhabitable than Frostblight, the coldest point in Direholm, is Scorchbane, Illpyre's equivalent. Even the trees are on fire there.

Living Bonfire: Name changed to Bonfire.

Spark of Imagination:

– Renamed Fickle Fogling.

– Creature type changed from Incarnation to Frog Illusion.

Magespark Elemental: Renamed Spark of Imagination.


Borderland Ranger:

– Renamed Terminator Traverser.

– Flavor text added:

"Why anybody would want to cross from Illpyre into Direholm is beyond me, but if my knowledge of Maraka can skimp even half a portion from those Consortium doctrinaires, well, I'm all for it."

Gift of Maraka: Renamed Grove Bloom.

Glimmermist: Flavor text added:

One would think that steel would triumph over wood, but in Maraka, the trees themselves are far less acquiescent.

Lurking Frostjaw: Renamed Frostjaw Yearling.

Blooming Marlback: Creature type changed from Beast to Dinosaur.

Crushthread Sage: Typo fixed in name by changing it to Crushtread Sage.

Dichotomous Replicator: Renamed Clockwork Sapling.[/indent]


Antique Guardian:

– Name changed to Bahraz's Journal.

– New flavor text:

"How does one keep track of time when days are forgotten and nights are eternal? I fear my lamp shall run dry of oil before the awful truth can be transcribed…"

Thermal Navigator:

– Renamed Thermal Thopter.

– Creature type changed from Construct to Thopter.

– New flavor text:

When the subterranean artificers of Illpyre need to make a trip, their aircrafts draw power not from the sun, but from the heat below the earth.

Wandering Collective: Renamed Synchronite.

Cutthroat Automaton:

– Renamed Direholm Doppelganger.

– Creature type changed from Shapeshifter to Illusion Shapeshifter.

– New flavor text:

When the stars froze, the corporeal weren't the only ones who were forced to adapt to a newly unchanging world. Others simply needed a fresh form to usurp.

Shatterspear Insignia: New flavor text:

"When the lizardfolk come, I fear they will be far more vicious than the tales you've told me of your kin, little one. I need not tell you how fast we'll need to run."
—Bahraz, to Gruff

Quiet Factory: New flavor text:

"Do not let the silence fool you. This place is more alive than you or I will ever be."
—Zafar the Mad

Insanity: Name changed to Doubt.


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 Post subject: Re: Vetoes
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Everbloom Sapling says "pedal" instead of "petal". Not the sort of change you're looking for, but it jumped out at me.

Cato wrote:
CotW is a method for ranking cards in increasing order of printability.

*"To YMTC it up" means to design cards that have value mostly from a design perspective. i.e. you would put them in a case under glass in your living room and visitors could remark upon the wonderful design principles, with nobody ever worring if the cards are annoying/pointless/confusing in actual play


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 Post subject: Re: Vetoes
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:59 am 
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Sylvan is a lot of fun. Very flavorful.

Sithas: Rising Storms


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