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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:32 pm 
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The Story So Far...

The races have started to spread out, exploring the world, some of them encountering each other for the first time. Trade was established, knowledge was shared, but old animosities have flared. The planeswalkers of Sithas have become aware of each other and the strange force that holds them to this plane. In the goblin city of Barkus, King Barkus and his son Grimtooth the Chosen wield the insidious power of Soul Slayer, a sword crafted by Hearteater and The Hag to cut life off from the Vitae and syphon it into Soul Slayers wielder instead. Mad with it's power, Grimtooth stands at the head of a growing army of goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, trolls and orcs that bide their time and wait for the right moment to strike. In Eldun Forest, Lady Theranji has gathered a group of heroes that may have a chance at defeating Hearteater. Lucas Tulgan, Kurdar, Beauregard, Brimstone Sal, Gregor Runeweaver and Millicent Walker, aided by Lady Theranji and Samson Oldoak are gathering items to aid them in their quest to enter Athrad Angren and confront Hearteater. In Ravenblight, the Tears are spitting out unholy demons at an alarming rate as Septimus attempts to hold back the denizens of The Shroud from reaching their undead master, Malhedra, imprisoned deep under Ravenblight. Maldrus, the human city has become a hot bed of political intrigue. The Clan of the Spider, a rich and powerful guild of wizards loyal to Malhedra have integrated themselves into all levels of government and are doing their best to undermine human resistance. The Shroud, a world wide even of supernatural horror, sweeps across the land of Sithas more frequently now, and with longer duration, and bringing with it bloodthirsty demons and natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding. The races of Sithas are scared. Tensions are high. The races are buckling down, drawing their lines in the sand and quick to violence to protect themselves and their homes from the inevitable storm that is coming. The Hag is gleefully in her element, stirring trouble wherever she can. Samson continues to try and manipulate events to save the world. Through it all, Hearteater sits on the Throne of Athrad Angren, lost in his madness and burning desire for revenge, toying with the idea of destroying Sithas once and for all...

Design Notes:

New Mechanics:


Sithas: Rising StormsWhite, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Multi, Artifacts and Land

Sithas:Rising Storms


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