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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:47 am 
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Treasure Keeper is a card I’m super glad I got to play with. I’m pretty sure they last second messed up and forgot to put this rare cause it’s rare quality and better then quite a lot of rare’s you’ll open

The other card I had twice which was all star was Icy Manipulator , Pacification Array. Control/aggro/midrange all decks will play 1 of these, the 2nd gets a little worse.

I didn’t get to play with Monstrous Onslaught, but I had it thrown at me once and I do believe it’s an insane card, common play I seen was crew a big vehicle and plague wind the board

Same with Scrapper Champion, it looks like a borderline bulk rare bomb limited card, I haven’t played with it only against it, but a top uncommon,

Bad by themselves but good be best card in the deck

Atog overperformed in a W/R go wide servo/vehicle deck, If you pull a Key to the city or a Modification you can go all-in if situation calls for it and maybe steal a win. Synergizes with revolt and my favorite play was Main Phase a Treasure Keeper go to attacks and sac it to get the pump and freebie. I don't think it's mythic uncommon, but almost a build around

Crackdown Construct i don’t think is a good card but remembering what triggers it and having certain cards in the deck make it look better.
Something like Weldfast Monitor, you can give it Menace 10 times in a turn if you want for 1 red mana to


Fatal Push is not a premium limited removal, I’ve had it uncastable in my hand more so than me having a legal target. Reminds me of Last Breath. It’s not going to kill what you want it to kill and sometimes it won’t kill anything.

I didn't bother with the Gold Uncommons here. I don't think any are Mythic Uncommon anyway.

Thurgood Jenkins

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