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 Post subject: Re: [KLD] draft
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:21 pm 

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Why didn't you run Fortunious Find or Bombat Bazaar Barge ??!!
They seem 10/10 in this kind of deck ! First one gives you guaranteed 2 for 1, cause you won't draw lands, and also gives you LOTS of choices to get. Second one is sweet artifact to recur with Gearsmith, and a sweet Panharmonicon combo, aside from being generally solid.
Cutting Sky Skiff, cause it s...s, and Snare Thopter, cause it is not of this deck. Or leave Thopter, cause it's an artifact, and remove Foundry Screecher instead, cause similarly to Thopter it is not for this deck. Or get rid of a land - you don't have a single card after CMC 4.

EEEEEEEeeeee!! A reply!

So let's see.
Fortuitous Find is solid card advantage, but my problem is I didn't really have much of anything bomby that I wanted to bring back. Or at least that was my thinking.

Bomat Bazaar Barge was one of the last things I cut from the deck. It's sooo solid, I agree there. It basically got cut for curve considerations. I would love to fit it in if I could.

The thing about the three cards you mentioned is that they are my only air support. Ovalchase Daredevil does a crazy good job at stopping up the ground, but if I neglect the air I'm either going to get plinked to death by my opponent's fliers or, if they don't have any fliers, I'm missing a prime opportunity to force damage through on an otherwise clogged board.

Cutting a land is something I'm always wary about. This is a midrange deck that wants to play the long game so yeah, it'd eventually get there, but there are certain decks in this format that can just catch you with your pants down if I miss a land drop. Not saying it would necessarily be wrong to cut a land, but that's a decision I'm not experienced enough to feel comfortable making in only the deckbuilding time I have post-draft.

Zlehtnoba wrote:
This deck is remarkably low on win conditions. You're just waiting on your opponent to run out of cards. Which may or may not happen. You also don't have a lot of card draw, just Puzzleknot and Maneuver, so you can't count on getting your combos online reliably.

Two cards that should definitely be in the deck are the Barge and Subtle Strike. Barge is just great value, with or without Panharmonicon, and one of your few ways to deal with large threats. And Strike is probably the best combat trick in the set, which is saying a lot as Kaladesh has a ton of great ones. Keep the flyers, as evasion is one of the ways to win with a grind deck. I'd just swap the Tutor for the Barge, and play Strike over a land. I'm also not a big fan of Impeccable Timing. Some combat tricks can make you really regret you're playing with that, especially if you decide to use it to kill an unblocked attacker. Depending on what your opponents were playing, Inventor's Goggles might have been a better choice.

But deck looks like a lot of fun, at least for you :)

Deck is definitely low on win conditions, I agree.
I don't have a lot of card draw, but puzzleknot, maneuver, and d. tutor at least help me smooth my draws. Also dead Daredevils turn every artifact in my deck into a draw spell (as long as I don't mind drawing a daredevil ;p).

Barge is definitely getting points for being large. Often times the way I'd deal with large threats was to double block using a daredevil and a smaller creature then play an artifact so I wasn't completely hosed by fat things, but yeah, barge is big.

Subtle Strike you say? That's not a card I've tried, but I've seen it do good work and I'm certainly willing to give it a shot.

Glad to see you concur with my thoughts on the fliers. Good to know I got something right. =p

Tutor for barge I can see in a vacuum. Now I'll admit I did enjoy a good tutor every match so I'm slightly biased towards keeping it, but from a value and efficiency stantpoint I definitely see it. Also it's another artifact I can use to recur daredevils...XD

I'm iffy on going down lands, but I'm much more likely to consider it for a 2-drop like SStrike than I would be for Barge.

As for Impeccable Timing, yeah I totally get the danger vs things like blossoming defense, built to smash, built to last and Rush of Vitality, but at the same point it's one of my only kill spells and I'm not going to cut it just because I "might" be blown out by other common buffs. I do recognize the danger you point out so in Kaladesh I'm tending to fire IT off before I declare blockers so I can at least try to finish off something that's temporarily large, even if it ends up being a 2-for-2.
I had 4 kill spells in the deck as it sat at FNM, and it's possible I did not properly count Daredevils towards a pseudo kill spell count, but I know I tend to err on the side of more removal.
Still it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that 3 damage is worse than -1/-1 UEoT and a +1/+1 counter.

And yeah...I was definitely having ALL the fun in my matches. I took an almost sadistic glee in game 2s (after I'd ground my opponent's out in game 1) watching my opponent's confident grin turn into a frustrated frown every turn 4 when I dropped a Daredevil. :evil:

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 Post subject: Re: [KLD] draft
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:52 am 
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2 Maulfist Doorbuster
1 Aetherstorm Roc

1 Fragmentize
2 Built to Last

2 Chandra's Pyrohelix
1 Pressure Point

1 Revoke Privileges
1 Fabrication Module

1 Inspired Charge

1 Aether Hub

10 Plains
7 Mountain

Match 1 2-0 My opponent was playing RW vehicles, with the good multicolor dwarves, including the rare. A lot of thier vehicles were Crew 4 (or higher) meaning they weren't putting pressure on me, so I just overran them. Inspired charge finished them both games, with my luckily-timed removal keeping them from crewing most of the time.

Match 2 2-0 My opponent was playing an aggressive RB artifacts deck. Aerial Responder and some chump blocking with servos kept me alive to finish with flyers.

Match 3 2-0 My opponent was playing WU control with multiple Skyswirl Harriers, which had me worried. My Fabrication Module finally came into action, giving me two 5/3 Maulfist Doorbusters which allowed me to force all kinds of damage through.

My deck got "Stuck" at three mana for a few turns several of the games, but I didn't really want to run more lands since my curve stops at 4 cmc. I sure was unhappy waiting for that fourth land though. This deck is kind of 4-drop-heavy for a purported aggro deck I think.

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 Post subject: Re: [KLD] draft
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:12 am 
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Zenbitz wrote:
Went 2-1 first draft (6 man pod) with a bad deck. Went 3-0 second draft (6-man) with a chandra and a highly active luck box. 3-0'd 8-man at LGS with 2 Longtusk Cub, 2 Thriving Rats, 2 Kujar Seedcrafter, 2 Cobras couple removal spells. Easy 3-0 although my opponents had some mana screw.

Most recent was a 1-2 where I was in the open colors of UR but there was no synergy to be had. I did punt 1 game and got fogg'd in another.

I drafted a UR energy deck and found that while I made lots of energy and spent lots of energy, none of the cards I had were win conditions. Long-Finned Skywhale and Skyship Stalker were the only two cards that were win conditions. I was able to win my games with the use of 3 Select for Inspections to save my own creature from removal, plus scry. Not what I had thought I would use the card for, but great against players waiting until you attack to use removal (or Impeccable Timing). If I drafted UR again, I would place more priority on cards that actually kill my opponent instead of durdling around with energy.

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