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PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2015 2:41 pm 

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Dueling Couplets
by RavenoftheBlack
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Word Count: 596

I bring to mind the forest, bright and nice,
Where I first found these Birds of Paradise.

I think of swamps I've seen, and from this box,
I pull my strongest stone, this jet-black mox!

I neither fear for trinkets nor for blades,
As I recall still deeper into glades,
The birds' sweet song, the humming of the trees,
Calls forth the fearful buzz of Killer Bees!

The stagnant mires I have called my home,
Can run as deeply as the woods you roam.
Although your bees I gladly would have fought,
Why bother, when they die to just a swat?

Thou mage of death, this is no threat, but fact,
That you shall pay for that unfeeling act.
For every sin committed nature knows,
And with her help, my mental forest grows,
Though still I'll harrow some of this old wood,
The trees that die pass for a greater good.

If you would judge me, simply save your breath,
For even you would gladly deal in death.
You kill one thing so that another lives,
That is the slightest gift my power gives.
Another fetid swamp I do recall,
To bring my Grinning Demon to this ball.

I must remember when I did my part,
As we were searching for the Khalni's heart,
If mem'ry serves, we passed a giant tree,
Which I now add to my menagerie,
And then, just to defy your expectation,
I grant that land explosive vegetation,
Which brings me to the expedition's end,
Where I find still more trees to call my friend.

You have the most impressive stack of logs,
But I, as well, can build upon my bogs.
And with this latest swamp within my sphere,
I call the Magus of the Coffers here,
And then, to place you firmly on the rack,
I'll send my mighty demon to attack,
The pain I felt to have him on my crew,
Is nothing next to what he'll do to you.

Your demon struck me hard, I'll not deny,
But your defeat is waiting from the sky,
And truth be told now, I must give you thanks,
For with your aid, shall I cut through your ranks,
My vast expanse of trees holds power lost,
But I shall find it with but slender cost,
From merest thought, and only simple words,
I twice bless Blanchwood Armor on my birds,
And with the might of every oak below,
I send them to defeat my evil foe.

I can't allow my mission here to fail!
My demon, or my wizard! No avail!
My mana, from me wilted like a flower,
To fall to birds who haven't any power.
I cannot bare to face this sad defeat,
And so I choose to run, to speed my feet
Into the AEther hence, but mark my vow,
For you are my most hated 'walker now,
Your strength shall fail you, as will birds and men,
And I shall triumph once we meet again.

Your words ring hollow, I shall mark them not,
For I have seen what little strength you've got,
You trust in demons, foolish judgment shown,
I trust in endless wood that stands like stone.
The fury nature holds shall be my shield,
Though I must say,
there is some strength you wield.
Perhaps before I battle any more,
I should go journey to some distant shore,
And find a swamp, a dark and gaseous mire,
To learn the secrets of the dank and dire,
To build my might, my power, and, who knows?
To crush all those who foolishly oppose.

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