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by Barinellos
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The dull ache in Sri Hara's hip told him that rain would be coming soon. The elder loxodon rubbed the arthritic joint with a grunt, but a smile sat on his broad features all the same. Rain wasn't exactly unexpected, he thought ruefully. After all, it was a rainforest.

Regardless of the oncoming storm, it was early enough that dawn's light still held sway in the sky and all he could smell were dewdrops and morning mist and the distinct smell of fresh turned earth. No sign of clouds or thick scent of rain marred the beautiful day. He looked at the sky with wizened eyes and sighed peacefully, turning his attention back to the garden.

He plunged one thick weathered hand into the soil and sent a burst of mana through himself and into the garden, coaxing life into the ground. The freshly planted seeds sprouted mere minutes after they had been sown. Life sped quickly forward, tiny buds breaking the earth and climbing inexorably upward into a bright explosion of colors. If only it were so easy to slow growing older.

"But then it would be too easy." the elephant chuckled, shaking his head and causing his ears to flap softly. He lifted himself stiffly from the ground, joints groaning at the work. He brushed his hands together, knocking loose the clinging soil and smiling as he looked at the vibrant foliage. Sunpetals, dawnglow, and a handful of oranges and afiya in the nearby shrubs. A little oasis of cultivated peace in the commotion of the jungle.

With a deep breath, he bent and picked up the basket of herbs, fruit, and flowers that he'd picked this morning. Even stooped with age, he was powerfully built, and the great basket was no trouble despite its size. All the same though, he felt better to have his staff to lean against, retrieving it from where it leaned against the nearby tree. He tapped it a few times in the soft earth and began to head back to the overgrown temple.

It had seen better days, much like Sri Hara himself, but though abandoned it wasn't quite bad enough to call a ruin just yet. Sri enjoyed staying in the temple, if for no other reason than for the irony. It had been dedicated to him in his younger days after all, and it made him feel just a bit youthful to revisit his glory days, even if they had long passed. The vines covered the heavy stones of the temple in thick whorls and he admired the wild growth for all the vivacious life that had overtaken it. To be honest, Sri worried at times about the final fate of his garden once he left, which should probably be soon. He considered that it would probably be wise to burn it when he was ready to leave, but he just could never bring himself to do it, even if the plants ended up overgrowing the native flora. If the worst thing that happened for his passing presence on the world was that medicinal herbs and flowers spread like wildly, then he thought he could probably live with that. Heavens knew it wouldn't be the biggest impact he'd ever had, he thought with an amused grunt.

He hefted the basket awkwardly on his shoulder as approached the doorway and then stopped as an alluring fragrance caught his trunk. He stopped and sniffed, a sweet calming scent that drifted through the air, subtle beneath the riot of aromas rising from the basket. His eyes roamed across the wall, but his eyesight wasn't what it used to be and he relied on the breeze and his nose to find the source. At last, there in the corner was a single jasmine blossom.

He leaned close and stared at the flower, inhaling deeply and letting his mind wander. Jasmine wasn't native to this world, and the scent brought a flood of emotions back, brief flashes of his youth that made his eyes well with nostalgia. He cleared his throat and smiled, reaching with his trunk and delicately plucking the flower, placing it carefully on top of the pile he had already gathered. He let out a wistful sigh and turned, leaning heavily on his staff as he headed back in, fragile memories still fresh in his mind.

"It's been forever since I've had jasmine tea..." He smiled and looked up once more to the sky, seeing the bright dawn rising over the jungle and forgetting whatever pains the weather might bring later.

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