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Name: Aria
Author: Tevish Szat
Status: Public :diamond:, partially-active :passion:

Classification: Female Greater Fae Planeswalker :planeswalker:
Colors: :u::g:
Plane of Origin: Ikass
Age: 19
Last Seen: Shadow's Bar, Bogardan

Basic Vital Stats
Height: 5’8” (173cm)
Weight: 120lbs (54kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Fair

Appears in: Refer to the wiki page or the Index thread for a full list of works.

Physical Description
Aria is slender and pale, about average height, with auburn hair, and usually looks human due to her illusion magic. Her eyes are a vivid, piercing green and her gaze sometimes makes people uneasy. If she drops her illusions or if they are dispelled or seen through in some way, Aria sports a pair of gossamer wings in iridescent blue-green, with sparse yellow highlights.

Aria was always a… strange child. She was brought up believing that there was nothing exceptional about her, just an ordinary girl from an ordinary village. Though she never quite acted like other children, her parents tried to care for her all the same, ignoring inexplicable moments like laughing at solemn services or crying over a pruned weed. As she grew up, her strangeness only grew greater, until the day she woke up with gossamer wings.

The truth, as far as anyone can guess it, is as follows: Aria was never the child of her parents… A traveler, passing through one night when “she” was young made an exchange, the human baby now long lost to her parents while this Aria, the Faerie child, grew up in her place.

Aria fled home the very day she realized what she was, running blindly into the local woods. In the depths of the forest, she both became lost and lost herself. What happened in the heart of the wood she insists she cannot explain, but Aria returned three days after she left with a wolf at each heel and the air of the otherworldly around her. When the townsfolk saw her, they attacked as though she was a monster. As her human friends and new wolf friends fought, she begged and cried for them to stop. Somewhere amidst the screams and fear and pain her Planeswalker spark flared and she found herself falling through the Æther, fleeing to nowhere.

Aria is a suspicious person who keeps the few friends she even starts to make at arm’s length and others even farther. She has learned sophisticated illusion magic to hide her race and mastered the art of a quick escape. She doesn't enjoy this though: she wants to be able to trust people, and to have a home, but humans fear what's different, wolves are poor company, and the fae? There is something about them that always turns Aria away from the idea of returning to them, some revulsion at the thought that she cannot explain and that has itself prevented her from examining it too closely.

The rigors of travel are hard on clothes, so all of Aria’s clothing tends to be of more sturdy than comfortable materials: heavy linen or wool, occasionally leather where possible. Typically, she wears a skirt of mid calf length, pleated, and off-white if cloth or simple brown if leather. Her tops have to be altered to accommodate for her wings: illusions don’t remove physical reality. As such, her usual top ties about the back of the neck and the back of the waist, cloth covering her front, sides, and arms with sleeves, while leaving her back open. For a top, she prefers greens and purples when available.

On top of this, Aria possesses a wolf-pelt cloak: It both represents her bond to wolves, having been the skin of a deceased pack alpha she had known, and also shifts and bristles in such a way that it is difficult to tell the garment is bulging from something not quite flat to her back underneath.

:passion: Aria's Missing Days.
From the point of view of everyone else, Aria spent three days in the forest, but in Aria's own mind, those three days are missing. For some time, Aria hasn't thought about them, the days that changed her life, as though the missing time didn't want to be thought about, as though she resisted knowing what became of her in the woods, in reach of the fey. Slowly, that has come to change. She still cannot remember what happened then and there, but she has realized, with some help, that the time is indeed missing, and she fears that what she's lost may be more important than she can understand.

The following work regards Aria, and was voted in with her initial Dossier:

by Tevish Szat

Aria silently counted out a few copper coins. It was always hard to deal with a new plane, where people minted their money in different sizes and shapes. The merchant picked up a corroded old coin she had gotten up in Urborg and examined it.

“Never seen one like this.” He said, “What’s the provenance?”

“Money doesn’t have a provenance.” Aria replied, checking her cloak nervously, “Just a weight. You don’t think it’s enough?”

He held out his palm and put each coin in it. “Feels right.” He shrugged. “I’m just curious is all.”

“I travel.” Aria replied, “That’s all you need know.”

The merchant sighed, “Alright miss, have it your way.”

She walked a few steps away, turned a corner, and sat down on the edge of a wall. An apple, a hunk of bread, a wedge of cheese; perhaps she could save some for the road.

She looked one way, then the other, and pulled her cloak around her a little more tightly. The inside pressed against her wings, and she let go. Illusions weren’t perfect.

A moment later, she heard footsteps, and turned her head quickly, the frightened motion followed by a sigh of relief. It was a little girl. The child, who had stopped in her tracks when Aria turned, slowly walked forward.

Just walk past, Aria willed her, just walk past.

There was no such luck to be had. The girl stopped right in front of her, looked up, and said “Hello.”

Aria looked down at her food and tried to ignore the child.

“I said, hello miss?”


“Can you talk, miss?”


“Would you talk to me, miss?”

“I would.” Aria asked. The easiest way to get rid of children, as well as many adults, was to give them only what they asked for, not what they wanted.

“You’re strange.” The girl said. It wasn’t a question, so Aria just took another bite.

“Miss…” the child started, quietly, “Are you an angel?”

Aria stood up. “You should know better than to ask silly questions.” she said, turned, and walked quickly away. Never let your guard down, she reminded herself as she attempted to vanish into the crowd. Someone will always take note.


There was going to be a thunderstorm in the night. That, at least, would take peoples minds off her… Unless of course they blamed the stranger for strange weather. Suspicious people always found a way to blame outsiders, but sometimes they didn’t bother.

There was a knock at the door. Who would be knocking? Why?

“Hello?” a little voice called “Miss? I know you’re in there.”

It was the girl than before. Aria considered pretending to be missing, maybe even exiting through the window, but that would cause more problems than an inquisitive child.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“I wanted to see you, miss.”

“Where are your parents?” Aria demanded, “They’re awfully irresponsible letting you bother strangers in their own rooms.”

“They’re with the angels.” The girl said, “Don’t you know? Please miss, can I come in?”

Aria considered. At least things would be more quiet not talking through a door. She unlocked it and opened it, the little girl scampering in.

“Now.” Aria sighed, “What do you want.”

“I wanted to see you, miss.”

Aria sighed. “I’m not an angel. I’m just a stranger, and you shouldn’t be talking to strangers much less knocking on their doors.”

“I thought.”

Aria looked at the window. Shuttered. At the door. Closed. If she was making a mistake, only a child would see. No one listened to children. No one ever listened to children. She took off her cloak and turned around.

“Look.” She said, “No wings. I can’t be an angel.”

“I thought…” the child sighed, and Aria breathed a sigh of relief: no worries about her magic not holding.

“And an angel wouldn’t wear a wolf pelt either, would they?”

“I guess not.”

“So,” Aria asked, wanting to figure out what part of disguising herself had made her stand out, “Whatever made you think I was an angel?” She bet it had been her back. Her wings, invisible though they were, only folded so close to her skin. If it weren’t for the worry about the odd cut of her shirt and more importantly the fragility of illusion magic, she would probably go largely without her cloak in town.

The child looked down, seemingly ashamed.

“Well,” Aria began. She cast a glance to her shoulder. Still nothing there to see. Still nothing there to see. “What was it?”

“You look like my mom did.” She said sadly, “Before the fire.”

Aria sighed, both in relief again and in sadness.

“Sorry.” She said. “I really am sorry. Now, there’s got to be somebody who’s missing you right now, so why don’t we get you home?”


Aria knocked on the door that the little girl indicated, and it was answered by a burly man with a greasy black moustache.

“Eh?” he said, “What do you want?”

“I believe I’ve found something that belongs to you.” Aria said, and stepped aside to bring the girl into full view.

“Hi, Uncle Allen.” She said sheepishly.

Uncle Allen scoffed. “Brat isn’t the fruit of my loins, but yeah she lives here.”

“You aren’t pleased to see her?” The man made Aria’s stomach churn, but she gave him a piercing glare.

“If you’re looking for a reward,” he said, “piss off.”

“It’s not that-“

“Then if you want to keep the brat I’ll sell her to ya. Cheap.”

“Mister Allen.” Aria said coldly, “I came to return your niece to a home. You are not doing a good job of showing me I’m doing the right thing.”

Aria saw fear grip him. She’d seen that look on other faces before, and cursed herself. She’d have to leave sooner than she thought, she couldn’t go around bleeding the aura of the supernatural and expect to remain low key.

“I’m sorry, miss.” He said, his demeanor having been radically changed. “Just joking, I meant nothing by it.”

“Good.” Aria replied. She could see why the child wanted to meet an angel. She wanted hope.

The child walked hesitantly forward, and once she was past her uncle, scurried away inside.

“You have a good night.” Her uncle grumbled. Aria didn’t answer, and turned once the door had been closed in her face. She looked towards the sky, and an errant drop of rain fell. Nothing more, not for Aria. She turned her eyes from the sky, from the broken home she hoped a little girl was luckier than she knew to have. She had made too many mistakes in too short a time. The Blind Eternities beckoned.

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