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Name: Lourima Viiran
Author: Tevish Szat
Status: Public :diamond:

Classification: Female Child Planeswalker :planeswalker:
Color: :b:

Appears in: Refer to the wiki page or the Index thread for a full list of works.

Physical Description
A girl on her way to womanhood, Lourima is not what most people would expect from an experienced Planeswalker and decently powerful mage aside. She's of average height, and if she continues to grow will be a somewhat tall woman. Customarily her skin is tanned and weathered, her lips pale and chapped, red-orange hair in gritty disarray, grey eyes heavy with pain and rage that should not burden one so young -- She might be pretty if she took care of herself and smiled more, but she's more than likely to look the part of a haggard urchin.
Lourima has one other notable feature, though it is unlikely to be seen: Her back is marked by a mass of long,old scars stretching from her shoulder blades to her waist, overlapping in such a hideous fashion and stretched so by her later growth that it is nearly impossible to count them. What abuse would leave such scars, so determined not to fade away, most would shudder to imagine.

Lourima grew up, until her spark flared, on a backwater plane: a place of no great importance, whose name she cannot remember (or at least will not admit to remembering). It's clear she had an unhappy childhood in some rural place, though she is quite tight-lipped about the exact details before her ascension.

"When I left home for the last time, It was the sound of screams and shouts I put to my back. My mother begged me to come back, while my father roared that if I didn't that instant, I had better not ever. What can I say? I ran. I ran so far, blindly, not looking ahead of myself because I did not care, not looking back because I was too scared to see what might be there. I ran blindly until I tripped and fell, fell into the Howling Dark. I screamed and I cried, but no one and nothing could hear me, until finally I reached a far away place.

I was eight years old."

Lourima is now 14. For the last six years she has traveled the planes, never stopping in any place for long. All places are more or less alike to her, and she drifts from town to town or plane to plane on whims and occasional bouts of necessity, robbing or scavenging when she must to survive.

Philosophy & Psychology

"Humans are disgusting creatures. If this is not so, then tell me why a father may bring pain and sorrow to his children. Tell me why priests steal from those who praise their gods and make the flock feel hope even as all they really do is take it away. Tell me why men would murder the helpless for the coins in their pockets. Tell me why leaders would war with one another and sacrifice lives for their own vanity and arrogance. Men speak of honor, but on the whole they have none at all.

And it is not just humans. Do you think elves are less corrupt, hiding in their forests? They are more arrogant yet, by and large. Not goblins, not vedalken, not even angels can you trust. Every world is cruel and wicked, and the only way to live in such a world is to be as cold and as cruel as it is. You must take what you need, take what you want, and hang on to it so no one else can take it from you. Power is the only law of the Multiverse."

Lourima believes two basic precepts. First is that humans (and other sapients) are, in a general sense, beyond any hope of redemption. She trusts no one, nor does she want to. People are guilty until proven innocent in Lourima's mind, and it is an extraordinary claim that requires, then, extraordinary evidence. It would take quite an act (or series of acts) from anyone to make Lourima believe a person above humanity's 'inherent evil'.

Second is that might makes right, even if it is wrong for it to do so. In essence a warped concept of meritocracy, only power and the willingness to seize it matter to Lourima. With power comes no responsibility, and in fact nearly an imperative to abuse that power for all that it's worth. She considers it irrelevant whether or not this is 'right' or 'moral' -- it's the way of the world, the way she thinks everyone lives, and the way she'll live to avoid becoming a victim of those who do as she thinks all with strength or station do.

As a result of this, Lourima is rather ruthless. She sees nothing wrong about hurting or killing to get what she wants, and will sometimes take the violent approach as her first resort if she thinks she's likely to profit from it most easily. After all, if only the cruel can end up on top, Lourima is resolved to be as cruel as she 'needs' to be.

Oddly, her philosophy results in her most strongly distrusting those with power and possessions, because she feels that they must have hurt many others quite badly to get what they have. She also mistrusts beyond all reason those who would give with no strings attached, because honest charity is not something she can believe is real: she's driven to look for the catch, and her mind will invent dark and dire motives if she can't find one.

She has some, very limited, sympathy (though probably no respect) for those who have been on the receiving end of cruelties from their fellow people: the starving poor, the dispossessed, the homeless, and especially the young among those groups, who don't even have the chance to understand what they have to do to better their lot. These people, and those who she can see how they intend to profit from whatever offer they make to her, she can take roughly at face value. To say she would trust them -- the street rat, the pawnshop owner, the huckster whose game she knows -- would be a mistake. Understanding a thing and trusting are quite different.

Lourima is a wielder of black magic, first and foremost. She has a lot of raw strength, but despite getting an early start on magecraft, the self-taught planeswalker has absolutely no finesse or technique. Simply throwing mana at the problem is usually enough to get her through whatever she needs to use magic on, and her obsession with grasping for further power leaves her blind to more efficient applications of force. She is many things, but particularly cunning is not one of them. Additionally, Lourima often fails to think ahead, and is liable to burn herself out if she underestimates her foe.

Touchstone cards for Lourima, representing either what she is capable of or what her strategy is like would include Dark Ritual, Culling the Weak, Lake of the Dead, Drain Life/Consume Spirit, and Looming Shade/Nirkana Revenant. Familiar deck strategies that could approximate her would include Tendrils of Agony-based Storm decks and ProsBloom, both of which burn out massive amounts of resource for immediate effects, but also generate nonblack mana (or in the case of prosbloom momentarily help their opponent), which is not exactly Lourima.

Notes and Trivia
*Lourima refers to the Blind Eternities as the Howling Dark. She probably doesn't know their proper name. In fact, there are a lot of technical things she probably doesn't know, being self taught from age eight onwards.
*Lourima is 14 years of age at the floating 'Present'. Charity, Kindness, and Kinship all assume this to be her age.
*Trivia: Lourima's name is thanks to a DFLangCreate derived language file given an input of Finnish words.
*Trivia: Lourima's initial design was inspired by the song Viimesen Kerran. There are some references (though a bit twisted) to the lyrics in her holdover Dossier material.

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