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 Post subject: Ikass [Plane][Open]
PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:37 pm 

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Ikass :chaos:
Authors: Tevish Szat and KeeperofManyNames

~Intro Written by Tevish Szat~

What is Ikass?
Ikass is an Open ( :chaos: ) plane created by myself and expanded upon by myself and Keeper. Ikass is intended to begin as mostly a blank map, and to some extent stay that way: While the edges may be continually filled in by additions from other authors, there are ALWAYS more blank edges waiting to be filled.

The Principals of Ikass
As mentioned above, Ikass is for building with. Beyond respecting a few rules of the plane, that is something of a style guide, I thought it would be good to leave a great deal of the "fleshing out" to authors. And, planes are big, I don't see that running out any time soon.

Ikass is a bit more calm and rustic than your usual plane. The people of Ikass have known no great war amongst each other, and civilization has reached a point where the settled lands are more or less tamed. Of course, there will always be the places that have "here there be dragons" writ not for a lack of knowledge but for the sake of accuracy, but largely your average native lives a pretty peaceful life (of course, most stories aren't written about the *average* native, now are they?). It does have more than enough space for strangeness, but tends to not be violent or in-your-face about the parts that are strange.

Ikass is also largely unexplored by its natives. There are communities of settled land and between them or beyond them? Between them is where things get interesting...

Ikass Facts
> The Adjectival form of Ikass is Ikassian
> Races of Ikass include Centaurs, Gargoyles, Kor, and Humans. These are described races that have a significant impact on Known Ikass. These are described or referenced in entries below.
> Ikass is also home to Faeries, Orcs, and Dwarves, which receive a short description below.
> Ikass was once home to a Lost Civilization, that built the now-ruined Cathedral of Nisk. While the Cathedral city is currently populated and active, it is possible other ruins may be found throughout Ikass
> Ikass is *not* home to Goblins or Elves. At least, not known Ikass, so if they are present they're minor players or removed from the known edges of the world.
> Ikass is probably home to merfolk of some description. These, and any other race (Homarids? Vedalken? Ratfolk?) are left as a blank edge to be filled at a later date, by whoever wishes to explore such a border.
> The current scale of Known Ikass contains a large plain, settled lands, a mountain chain at its borders, some forests, an assortment of rivers and streams. It might or might not have a coastline (this has not been filled in). As such, there's plenty of wild world outside what the natives and right now we the writers know.

Ikassian Lore
Kiral Centaurs







Other Notable Locations of Known Ikass:
The River Rusk

The Wending Way

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 Post subject: Re: Ikass [Plane][Open]
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Dellity, the Arivan Continent

Dellity Facts

> This continent is less fertile and more hostile than the Ikassian, composed primarily of tundras to the North, a great spanning desert across the middle of the continent framed by mountain ranges to the West, dissolving out into a vast network of salt flats and marshes in the lower end of the continent.
> Dellity is relatively close to the Ikassian continent, although it is not connected (on its Northern edge, at least, where the currently explored span of the Ikassian continent comes nearest to Dellity) by any kind of land bridge.
> Between the two continents lie the Glass Isles, which are not particularly hospitable to travelers, but can serve as a needed stepping stone between the two continents.
> There is not much movement of humans between the two continents, but some seafaring Orcs and Kor have built trading settlements on the harsh cliffs of Ikass's mountain ranges that allow movement back and forth, and legend has it that a hidden town lies at the other end of the Winding Way, but this has not been verified.
> The adjectival form of Dellity is Dellit (also sometimes Dellitsman or Dellitswoman).
> The continent is sometimes referred to in Kor accounts as "The Arivan Continent" after the great city that once stood on the Eastern coast.

Ariva and the Sition Disruption

Dellity Lore


Orcs and Kor

Mandalar Fey


The Surrakar of Hooses

Other Notable Locations
Speaking Caves

Osopospents, the City of Mirages

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