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Name(s): The Dual-Walkers, Syl and Chardis
Author: RavenoftheBlack
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Syl: Female Human (?) Pre-Mending Planeswalker :planeswalker:
Chardis: Male Human (?) Pre-Mending Planeswalker :planeswalker:

Appears in: Refer to the wiki page or the Index thread for a full list of works.

Syl and Chardis, better known as the Dual-Walkers, are a set of twins, sister and brother respectively, who are both planeswalkers. They are over 2000 years old, and were known as two of the most powerful planeswalkers before the Mending. They are also two of the most hated people in the Multiverse, and their cruelty and manipulation are virtually immeasurable.

==Physical Appearance==

Both Syl and Chardis are staggeringly beautiful people. Syl stands at a little over five and a half feet tall, while Chardis is larger at just under six and a half feet. Both have black hair and blue eyes, although Chardis's eyes often turn to a reddish color when he grows angry. Syl is slim and pale, but also curvaceous and smooth-skinned. Chardis, however, is much more tanned, and much larger and well-muscled.

==Powers and Abilities==

Although both twins have access to white, blue, black and red mana, they both have a primary focus. Syl primarily focuses on blue and black mana, while Chardis prefers to focus on white and red. Both twins avoid green mana like the plague. The Dual-Walkers are also both masterful artificers and enchanters, and understand the intricacies of lasting magic like few others ever have.


As an expert practitioner of both blue and black magic, Syl is a telepathic mind mage of considerable talent. Although the upper levels of her abilities have yet to be seen by any living person except perhaps her brother, she has been known to easily overhear the thoughts of others, often without really trying. She is also proficient in manipulation and illusion, as well as darker powers of rot, decay, and reanimation.

Above all else, Syl prizes subtlety. Although she can very occasionally be guilty of showmanship, it is usually for her brother's benefit. Syl would rather pull the strings behind the scene than be out in the center of the stage. She is the calculating, planning, and more cautious of the siblings. She is typically forced to rein her brother in before his temper jeopardizes their plans.


Chardis is a master of battlemagic, and tends to focus on either enchantments that boost natural abilities to supernatural levels, or spells designed to deal tremendous amounts of damage directly to his foe. He is a master pyromancer, and prefers fire to most other forms of damage. He is also a dangerous hand to hand combatant and is proficient in both armed and unarmed combat.

Chardis, for all his arrogance and narcissism, is a profoundly gifted leader of men. He is able to encourage and inspire troops in a way few ever have, and his soldiers usually grow to be completely devoted to his command. Subtle enchantments to evoke emotional connections and camaraderie help Chardis to be respected and even loved by his soldiers. He is also accomplished in strengthening and healing magics, allowing him to act as both leader and healer to his troops.

===The Dual-Walkers===

While both Syl and Chardis are dangerous alone, it is when they combine their powers that they become truly devastating. For reasons even they do not fully understand, the combined strength of the Dual-Walkers is greater than the sum of their parts. Before the Mending, their combined power could fundamentally alter worlds. Post-Mending, their powers are much more limited, but still considerable. The most difficult summonings and most complex spells are accomplished with relative ease when the Dual-Walkers join forces.


Little is known about the history of the Dual-Walkers, because there are few left alive who have seen any of it besides the Dual-Walkers themselves. They were born over two thousand years ago, and their sparks ignited while they were in their mid-to-late 20's. Even before their ascension, they were known on their home plane as powerful and dangerous enemies. After they became planeswalkers, however, their power could barely be contained. Entire nations fell to their might and their desires.

For centuries, the twins wandered Dominia, experiencing everything they could and seeking ever greater glories and ever deeper power. Approximately 1400 years ago, the Dual-Walkers combined their tremendous power with their nearly unparalleled knowledge of enchantment and artifice and created the Amphiseum. The Amphiseum is an artificial planar arena that is entirely self-sustaining. Here the Dual-Walkers hosted massive gladiatorial games for other planeswalkers, as well as ordinary spectators that were transported there through large planar barges for the sole purpose of indulging in the decadent events.

It was a little over 1200 years ago that the Dual-Walkers were first led to the Wheel, a set of five planes loosely connected to one another through the æther. In relatively short order, the Dual-Walkers and their allies conquered the Wheel and established themselves as deities there, a charade that their planeswalker powers made all too easy. Known to their subjects as the Rulus, the four outer planes of the Wheel worshiped Syl and Chardis as gods from their virtually inaccessible palace on the central plane of Anissem.

About 400 years ago, on the thousandth anniversary of the first Amphiseum Games, Syl and Chardis hosted the final Games, meant to be a glorious send-off to a millennium of brutality and bloodshed. Although no Games have been held in the Amphiseum since, the Dual-Walkers still occasionally make use of the arena for other purposes.

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