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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:47 pm 
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So, ACG is out, both in print, pdf and srd (maybe missing some parts, I wouldn't know.) Now, RPGs are going to start up at school shortly, and I expect the games run to be roughly 100% Pathfinder with maybe one exception. I'm probably going to want to play a hunter with the Feral archetype (because wildshape is sort of cool, and I don't like animal companions.) With that in mind, I'm curious about how you would go about making one from a mechanical standpoint. (And leave the fluff for when I know what the game is going to be about, probably.)

So, noteworthy things:
Wild Shape makes you a pretty good combatant, backed up with medium BAB, Animal Focus and Druid/Hunter spell list for things such as Magic Fang etc.
Spontaneous caster. Can use wands of Cure Light Wound if there's no better option in the party.
WIS focused with perception as class skill, can also Wild Shape into creatures with other forms of mobility to scout. Otherwise has 6 skill ranks.
Access to 6 levels of Summon Nature's Ally. Can summon an additional creature in this way if the animal focus relates to the summoned creature after level 6.
You and all your summons gains Outflank for free, or you can take Precise Shot for yourself.
Gains one teamwork feat he can swap around for whatever he wants, but no way to benefit from it unless your teammates are good people.

So, how does one build this thing? Various thoughts:
Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning and Superior Summoning makes your Nature's Allies pretty good, and the Summon Pack class enables Superior Summoning, letting you get 3 of the highest possible creature when casting the spell.
Tengu provides you with claw and bite attack, making it possible to get Multistrike for Wild Shape. Natural Spell is also good for letting you cast while Wild Shaped. Can also take Eldritch Claws to overcome DR/Silver or Magic.
Celestial Wildshape can also let you Smite a non-neutral enemy each time you Wild Shape, adding your level to the damage of all attacks, which works nicely with pounce-natural attack chains.
Power Attack lets you hit hard.
Can go Critfisher to dogpile enemies with Outflanking animal companions. Get Combat Reflexes and summon some Wolves to have extra fun.
Take Verminous Hunter for permanent Fast Healing, Fortification and Natural Armor bonus, but making Summon Pack less limited in use.
Splash Monk or Monk-archetype for Wisdom to AC in Wild Shape. Shaping Focus can alleviate some multiclassing problems, although you lose spellcasting levels, which hurts.

Any other ideas? How would you play such a character to its strengths?

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