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[idea] Blaze - Card game of mobile combat
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Author:  UselessCommon [ Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  [idea] Blaze - Card game of mobile combat

Before the game, players build the decks.

Setup of the game involves preparing a large grid, at least 20x20, preferrably bigger, with symmetrical randomly generated landscape.

There are two "main" card types: Buildings and Vehicles.

Buildings are static, can (almost always) produce vehicles, and are generally only destroyed by point-blank attacks. The only core stat of a building is construction time - how many turns a vehicle must spend to build it.

Vehicles are units that can move and shoot, used for attack and defense. Moreover, (almost) any vehicle can go into a "construction mode" to build a building. In this mode, it's a static and defenseless. Vehicles also have a construction time stat, defining how long would it take for a building to produce it, but they also have a Range and Speed stats. Most vehicles have a front and a back, and spend movement points to turn.

No objects in the game have stats for attack and resilience. As long as no special abilities are involved, each successfull hit is a kill. By default, all ranged attacks have a 50% hit rate, and all point-blank attacks - 100%.
Construction process requires you to put a card of a construced object on the table face-down and put a progress token on it each turn - opponents would know that something is coming, but not what or when.

Players start the game with three Entry Portals scattered around the map - basically Builings that produce one vehicle and terminate.

Primary objective of the game is to destroy all enemy Buildings and Vehicles with an "autonomity" trait (which is posessed by almost all buildings and vehicles that are not absurdly hard to kill.)

As almost any unit in the game, in any location, can become a target for assault and, later, and a potential base, the mobility is a key to success. Chases, landscape untilization, surrounding, and smart feint-y movement should be encouraged by design.

Author:  UselessCommon [ Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [idea] Blaze - Card game of mobile combat

I have had an amazing idea for this:
Vehicles have no intrinsic stats, beyond construction time.
Every attack and move are represented as 'action abilities' , and so is construction. There can be mixes, like move+attack. Move actions have their speed stat, attack actions have their range stat.
Instead of a "turn" system, there is a round system. Each round, every player plays one 'action ability' - moves something, constructs something, etc. Each action ability on each base and vehicle is usable once per round, used ones are marked with tokens.
After all action abilities have been resolved (all constructions furthered, all moves made and all attacks shot), the round ends. Players draw their card(s) per round, remove the markers from the used action abilities of their cards, and begin anew.
This allows for A LOT more tactics and adaptation to the situation.

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