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[Digital Card Game] Eternal General
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Author:  thefiremind [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Digital Card Game] Eternal General

I picked this game up again after doing not much more than the basic campaign about 1 year ago (my old post in this topic is dated 28th November 2016) and I'm enjoying it again. I completed the puzzles, ran some Gauntlet and some Forge, but I was bothered by the quest for completing my first draft. See, I'm not a PvP player at all: competing makes me anxious and my crappy connection convinces me even more to stay away from that environment. However, today I decided to give the draft a chance. Knowing that no matter the result I would have gained a diamond chest from the quest made me feel safer.

This is the deck I drafted:
Vicious Highwayman was my first pick, which led me into trying to draft a Gunslinger deck with weapon synergy. I didn't get many weapons (that's why I had to choose Worn Shield in one of the last picks), but Obsidian Golem and Recycler helped a bit. In the end, it didn't matter much: the only synergy card that really helped me was First-Shot Rioter which always ended up as a 4/3, while the weapons almost always went on evasive creatures rather than on those who gained benefits from them. :sweat:
With a deck that seemed mediocre, I couldn't believe what I achieved:

Author:  Riorvard [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Digital Card Game] Eternal General

Dusk Road draft is absolutely terrible.

Author:  LilyStorm [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Digital Card Game] Eternal General

100% agree. I never know what to draft and when I fee like I did an ok one my opponent's manage to get so much good stuff for their tribe.

Author:  Dudibus [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Digital Card Game] Eternal General

I just started playing and currently I'm enjoying it more than Hearthstone. Of course, the last thing I needed was another video game to occupy my time.

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