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Fayn, the Ghost
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Full name: Phantima Seleet (pron: Fun-tee-muh, the combination of SELect and sLEET)
:u: Half-human half-specter (?) native of Thamirelk

Fayn appears as a wide-framed woman in her twenties with an unnaturally pale skin; her muscles speak of her life as an explorer, while her not-so-lean belly reveals her indulgent eating and drinking habits, but the gazes of most people she meets are drawn to her face. The black half-skull tattooed on the left side of her face would be a distinctive trait by itself; her long grey hair - that she usually keeps in a ponytail - floats as if weightless, its points dissolving into thin air, and her eyes are completely white with no trace of iris or pupil. She usually wears dark glasses and keeps her hair in a braid when in public.
She generally favors tight, resistant and flexible clothes, preferably in light hues, but she keeps a few figure-enhancing dresses for when she wants to impress.

Personality and Behaviour
Fayn’s default attitude is cheerful, flirty and mischievous; she gesticulates wildly when happy or amused, and even when she’s alone she tends to hum to herself, sometimes suddenly bursting into song during her long solo explorations. In fact, seeing her perfectly still and silent is usually proof that something bad is going to happen, and odds are she’ll be right at its center. She doesn’t like to dwell on unpleasant memories and is pretty self-indulgent when it comes to earthly pleasures.
Living a significant portion of her life in the lawless Wastelands, Fayn’s morality would be considered quite flexible by most civilized standards. Fayn hates people judging her or her loved ones and she can react to wounding insults by orchestrating vicious retaliations, murdering the offenders in cold blood in the worst cases. In less extreme cases she blows off steam by playing pranks, whose scale and meanness are directly related to her emotive state and how well she likes her victims.
Fayn has been able to build friendships with many different monsters of the ‘Lands and, unbeknown to her acquaintances in the civilized world, she has even carried the offspring of some of them, but is wary of speaking against the common fear and hatred of Wasteland monsters publicly due to the scandal related to her birth.

Magic and powers
All her powers seem to derive from her supposedly undead ancestry; she has had a long time to exercise them, and she can be quite creative in their use.
Telekinesis: Fayn can generate small amounts of force through magic, which she can use to disarm or trip unprepared victims.
Dread presence: Fayn can surround herself with a fear-inducing aura, which is particularly effective on the creatures that meet her eerie gaze.
Cloaking: half illusion spell, half mental misdirection, Fayn can make herself unnoticeable. This has limited effects on mindless beings, as zombies and some creatures of artifice, as the mental magic part doesn’t work on them. If used on a small scale, this power allows her to effortlessly fade into a crowd.
Ethereal form: Fayn can make herself immaterial for limited amounts of time; she can affect her whole body and equipment or only certain parts of it. She mostly uses this ability to avoid damage and phase through walls. Used to its full extent, this power allows Fayn to ignore gravity; at her best, Fayn can steal almost anything by phasing her fingers through a container and making its contents ethereal by touching them.

Other traits
-Fayn has enough proficiency in artifice to properly maintain the artifacts she uses on a regular basis, and her field experience allows her to understand the mechanisms of most types of complex machinery, especially if she’s able to see them in function.
-She has excellent athletic abilities, being used to run, climb and swim in the ever-changing Wastelands, and she’s able to maneuver her hoverboard with remarkable skill.
-Fayn, as many children of Hellbent explorers, is highly resistant to the dangerous effects of the wild magic storming the Wastelands and is able to “heal” from many of the resulting mutations. She also seems to age slowly, a rare but not unique trait for a mutated human: despite her twenty-something appearance Fayn is actually in her late thirties.

With no formal training and small experience beyond the brawls in her youth, Fayn will try to avoid fights when possible; when she deems it necessary, she will fight dirty, cunningly and often to the death. She relies on her magic above all: deflecting incoming blows with telekinesis or avoiding them by becoming ethereal, eluding her foe’s attention through her cloaking, eventually delivering the killing blow by phasing her weapon through the victim’s protections. In addition to her magic, when she expects trouble she carries a collection of artifacts stashed on various parts of her person, some of them able to level a small building.


The continent of Jhat is thriving thanks to new commercial partners from the Kwassati continent, who happily buy the remnants of ancient relics and magic in exchange for more mundane technologies that are significantly improving the life of many Jhatic citizens. Problem is, those precious relics are scattered in the Wastelands, an immense territory infested by all kinds of monsters and so drenched in wild, unstable magic that its very geography can change in a matter of weeks.
Enter the Hellbent, reckless (some would say suicidal) explorers willing to risk their physical and mental health exploring the Wastelands to recover… anything valuable, really: the recurring magical cataclysms of the ‘Lands sometimes leave behind bizarre materials and even new, deeply weird forms of life. Part declaration of bravery, part warning sign, each Hellbent gets a big facial tattoo of their choice before their first expedition. Some of them die in the lawless, merciless Wastelands, and many of those who return carry inhuman mutations with them; for this reason, returning Hellbent explorers have to undertake a magical dampening treatment in order to enter a city.
Born in a city near the border of the Wastelands where a citizen every ten carries the tattoo of the Hellbent, Fayn’s birth as a mutated human wouldn’t have been worthy of attention if her mother hadn’t left civilization more than a year before: the influence of the ‘Lands is known to fasten pregnancies and mutate newborns. Slowing them, on the other hand… that was unheard of. All concluded that Fayn’s father wasn’t human and, judging by the magical powers she developed since young age, maybe not even alive at the moment of conception. Fayn’s mother maintained that Fayn’s father was another Hellbent she met on her expedition, but only her closest friends seemed to believe her. Fayn’s mother once told her daughter that many veteran Hellbent have carried a monster’s spawn – even males: not every monster needs a womb to reproduce - albeit the numbers of those who have done it by their own free will is unknown.
Hypocrisy or not, Fayn was raised as a bit of an outcast even among other mutated children; she carved a place for herself by making friends of anyone able to look past her inherited infamy and scaring off everyone else. She had no realistic options beside becoming a Hellbent herself, but she took to that lifestyle well, and earned a reputation for her findings and the incredible duration of her solo expeditions.

Fayn, Treasure Hunter
Legendary Creature - Rogue Spellshaper Human Spirit
:u:, discard a card: Exile Fayn, Treasure Hunter. Return her into the battlefield tapped under her owner's control at the next end step.
:u:, discard a card: Fayn, Treasure Hunter can't be blocked this turn.
Whenever Fayn, Treasure Hunter deals combat damage to a player, you may return target artifact card with from that player's graveyard to the battlefield. If you don't, draw a card.

Author’s Notes
-Fayn has been partly inspired by a very NSFW game; her surname is an anagram of a reference to it. While not explicit, in her pieces there will be many references to various kinds of monster sex and promiscuity in general.

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