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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:26 am 
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yeah I kinda forgot that like half the planeswalkers in NGA Constructed were designed by CKY

I added a bunch, I'll get to that latest post a bit later. I wonder when I'll hit the character limit...


I tend to agree with Razor.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:38 am 
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Sorry, a correction. Daneera up and left after the events of War of the Wheel, so her current whereabouts are unknown.

The format of YMtC and the Expanded Multiverse.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 3:06 pm 
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I've got a few Planeswalkers that I didn't include just because there's really not a story behind them. But here are the interesting ones. :)

Fallingman's Planeswalkers

Sigrid Anvollar
Color: White
Appears: Eldangard
Before her spark ignited, Sigrid was a soldier of great renown and bravery. Her mastery of weapons and tactics brought her great honor in battle, although she valued the safety of her comrades and her homeland far more than her own glory. Her spark ignited in a moment of desperation as she fought a losing battle to defend her outpost from a surprise attack. With her allies dead or fleeing, her death was certain, but at the last moment she performed her first planeswalk to Eldangard, into the far northern realm of the valkyrie. She was gravely injured, but her honor and courage were recognized by the angels, who healed her wounds and granted her the blessings of the Einherjar, their chosen warriors.
Sigrid remained on Eldangard for many years, learning more of the history and art of war from the valkyrie themselves. She has adopted their code of honor, which sees warfare as a means to overthrow the corrupt and bring unity and order to nations. After the events of Ragnarok however, where Ulrexes manipulated nations into destruction and mindless conquest, her faith in those beliefs has been tested. She now seeks to restore order to the broken nations of Eldangard, and then travel elsewhere to rediscover the meaning of "honor" wherever she can find it.

Color: Black
Appears: Ragnarok, Fleets of Ossia
The necromancer Ulrexes is an abomination, trapped between life and death. He had devoted his life to the study of forbidden arts, seeking to conquer death itself. At the moment of one of his greatest breakthroughs, he found himself surging with newfound energy and planeswalking out of his world and into another. But by some twist of fate, the plane he arrived in was a nightmarish hellscape where the earth roiled with fire and the air burned with caustic gases. With only moments to adjust to his surroundings he somehow tapped into his spark a second time and escaped to the safety of his own world again, barely clinging onto life. Using his knowledge of necromancy he was able to stave off death, binding his soul permanently to the broken remains of his body, as a lich would bind themselves to an artifact of power.
Ulrexes now travels the planes in search of a greater source of power that can heal his body and possibly even restore him to true life again. He has grown even colder and more calculating in his ways since his transformation. He has nothing but contempt for the passion and emotion that he associates with the living, and he suppresses any trace of his humanity along with the pain his abhorrent physical form brings him. As he travels he trades his skills and arcane knowledge in exchange for information, often enticing others into secretly doing his bidding. Despite the many setbacks in his recent schemes on Eldangard and Ossia, he remains steadfast in his single purpose.

Color: White (may become White/Green in the future)
Appears: Sagathia
Xoana is a noble-born Elf healer whose native plane is slowly being overtaken by a withering plague that even the most knowledgeable doctors and sages are powerless to cure. Her first planeswalk occured as she was forced to watch her two younger siblings succumb to the disease, the moment where her last bit of hope was lost. The discovery of an entire multiverse to explore has renewed her faith that a cure might yet exist, and she has sought out the greatest physicians on dozens of worlds in her quest to find it and save her people from extinction. She is currently residing on Sagathia, scouring its vast libraries and performing research alongside the greatest minds in the medical field, but she worries that time is running out.

Alreina Silvereye
Color: Red
Appears: Sagathia
Alreina is motivated by her love of adventure and the finer things in life. She is an explorer, trader, trickster and all around scoundrel. Her magical talents of emotional reading and manipulation complement her natural charisma, making her a shrewd negotiator when it comes to striking favorable bargains or talking her way out of trouble. She follows her own code of honor where she can, and although she'll gladly swindle fools away from their money or loot priceless relics from ancient ruins, she refuses to be called a thief.

Color: Black and Green
Appears: Sagathia
Granvil is a hermitic shaman who has spend centuries attuning himself with the natural world, accumulating strength and wisdom with every plane he visits. He shuns civilization and the company of others, only rarely making contact with those he judges to be in harmony with nature. When he first visited Sagathia many ages ago, he was impressed by the diversity of its wild places, and the many mysteries hidden in its lands. But upon his return, the world has changed. New cities and civilized societies now dominate the world, with artifice and intellectualism taking precedence over the old traditions. Sites of natural power have become places of academic curiosity instead, and even the wise dryads of the forests are becoming servants to the newly formed Ministry of Education. He now works in secret to turn the forces of nature against the cities and the universities that form their center, and bring back the forgotten ways from Sagathia's uncivilized past.

Other Planeswalkers with no established backstory yet:

Tirion () - Appears in Stormfront. A native of Eldangard. Power set revolves around swarms of creatures.

Kalvik () - Appears in Eldangard, origin unknown. Power set deals with card drawing and huge spells.

Adamik () - Appears in set#2 of Sagathia. Power set is based on time manipulation.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:24 pm 

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Folkir Tamora

Galeza of Harunad

Seleste of Federis



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