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 Post subject: [FOS] Monks Of Ossia
PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:45 pm 
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(Fleets of Ossia archives)

while Ossia is a world of war and politics, there is always room for the devout. Monks are the spiritual centers of their respective Isles. while Druids draw their power from the lands around them, Monks draw them from ancient wisdom and the spirits of their ancestors. Monks provide guidance in divine matters to those who would seek answers. they are also master healers, and many monastic traditions feature martial aspects, making them capable warriors in addition to their more theological pursuits. the Monks are not to be underestimated in matters of war.

Monks on the Isles

Monks on Korrath: the lines among the classes are somewhat blurred among the Wolves, as their epistemological philosophy encourages them to pursue many different paths of knowledge, the divine being but one. however, some Wolves are especially drawn to spiritual pursuits. they tend to be older, seeking wisdom from the next world when they've exhausted their interest in this one. some take the position of Mourner, others are happy to follow. Kolif the Blind is the greatest Monk on the Isle, keeping to her cave in quiet contemplation.

Monks on Telimar: while the Minions tend the grounds and the Druids tend the trees, the Dryad Monks concern themselves with philosophy, divinity, and beauty on the Isle of Arbors. the Leafbenders maintain and shape the trees, the Dewdrinkers debate utopian visions, the Dovecatchers paint beautiful scenes with the forests as their canvas, and the Acolytes maintain the Groves, places of quiet contemplation among the trees. the thread that ties all Telimar's Monks together is a concern not only for the Isle's health and survival, but its glamour and grace. as such, they are the most offended by the Blackened Forest, and most inclined for revenge.

Monks on Kemil: Centaur Monks are an anomaly, both as Centaurs and as Monks. they are the restraining force that keeps the Isle of Mares working, so the warring herds don't tear each other to pieces. their spiritual guidance keeps the customs alive, maintaining the thinnest veneer of civilization so that, to some degree, the society can function. they are based out of The Temple, where all Centaurs hoping to serve as herdmares must train. a few wayward Monks may be found among the Herdless as well, giving them hope and guidance in a world that has forsaken them.

existing monks

Monks are not the fastest tribe, but they are clever and they are unyielding. they take the form of a lifegain-based beatdown deck, the sort that would love centaur healer. they use lifegain to stem early bleeding and win with cheap, mid-sized threats.

"lifegain beatdown" with race mechanics

so let's do lords I guess

Ward Of The Temple-
Creature-Centaur Monk (C)
When Ward Of The Temple or another Monk enters the battlefield under your control, you may gain 1 life.
"Savagery comes naturally to our people. It is only with time and training that we can overcome those base emotions and become something more than animals."~Kogoth Thundertrail

Elegant Dovecatcher-
Creature-Dryad Monk (C)
Whenever a Monk you control attacks or blocks, you may gain 1 life.
The Dovecatchers see things others cannot. Their creations are more than art, they are images of what the world could be.

Deepwood Meditant-
Creature-Wolf Monk (U)
When Deepwood Meditant enters the battlefield, gain life equal to the number of Monks you control.
When Deepwood Meditant dies, gain life equal to the number of Monk cards in your graveyard.
Death is no barrier to the wise.

and this other thing!

Creature-Wolf Monk (C)
When Prayermaker enters the battlefield, Convene 3. (Reveal the top 3 cards of your library. Put a creature card from among them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.)
"A howl on the wind says more than a thousand whispered secrets, if you know how to listen."~Kolif the Blind

and also pants!

Secrets Of The Whisperwood-
Enchantment-Aura (C)
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 5/5.
When Secrets Of The Whisperwood enters the battlefield, if enchanted creature is a Monk, create a 3/3 green Wolf creature token.
"There is nothing we were not meant to know."~Kolif the Blind

Blessed Bow-
Artifact-Equipment (R)
Equipped creature has first strike and lifelink.
The Temple provides for its defenders.

next week, we look at the very last class, Archers. toodaloo!


I tend to agree with Razor.

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