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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:36 pm 
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More cards from a theoretical Tevish-made set on the M:EM plane of Taramir.

White Commons
Blue Commons
Black Commons
Red Commons
Green Commons
Colorless Commons
Mythic Rares

Returning Mechanic: Cumulative Upkeep
Counter Type: -1/-1
New Keyword: Salvage. "Salvage [COST]: effect" -- [COST], Exile this card from your graveyard: Effect. Salvage only when you could cast a sorcery.
New Ability Word: Decay. Decay abilities cause depletion counters to be placed on the permanent in question, and cause the permanent to be sacrificed if there are too many depletion counters.

Spirit of the Peaceful Hearth
Creature – Spirit [U]
Sacrifice Spirit of the Peaceful Hearth: You gain Hexproof until end of turn.
Taramir was home to many small and helpful spirits, but their influence waned with the sun.

Revered Unicorn (Reprint)

Dorian Captain
Creature – Human Soldier [U]
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 1/1 white soldier creature token onto the battlefield.
“Every citizen of Dorias was part of the army reserves. When the call to arms was sounded, their armies were of astounding size.” – Morgan of Voor

Angelic Troubadour
Creature – Angel [U]
Cumulative Upkeep :1:
Creatures you control get +1/+0 for each age counter on Angelic Troubadour.

Tolkan Restorers
Creature – Human Shaman [U]
Vigilance, Cumulative Upkeep :1:
At the beginning of your upkeep, remove up to one counter from each other permanent you control.

Vishtali Almsgiver
Creature – Human [U]
Whenever a player loses life, put that many alms counters on Vishtali Almsgiver
At the beginning of each upkeep, remove an alms counter from Vishtali Almsgiver. If you do, gain 1 life.
When society is at its worst, some individuals rise to be at their best.

Tolkan Prayer
Instant [U]
Redirect all damage that would be dealt to creatures or players this turn to target creature you control.

Efaruna Civics
Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn
Salvage :2::w::w:: Creatures you control get +2/+2 until end of turn

Vishtali Honor
Creatures you control gain lifelink until end of turn. Creatures you control with a -1/-1, age, or depletion counter on them gain deathtouch until end of turn instead.
Vishtali honor was as firm as Vishtal’s position.

Angel’s Embrace
Enchantment – Aura [U]
Enchant Creature
Enchanted Creature gets +2/+2 and has flying
Decay – Put a depletion counter on Angel’s Embrace: Enchanted creature gains vigilance until end of turn. Then, if there are three or more depletion counters on Angel’s Embrace, sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.

Treaty of the Broken Empire
Enchantment [U]
Cumulative Upkeep :1:
Creatures can’t attack you unless their controller pays :2: for each age counter on Treaty of the Broken Empire.

"Enjoy your screams, Sarpadia - they will soon be muffled beneath snow and ice."

The Coalition/Phyrexian War Game Rises Again

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