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(Fair warning; I've only played Planechase twice. I think I get how plane cards work though)

The Great Tower
[Plane - Ascara]
At the beginning of your upkeep, each player creates an artifact token named gold with "sacrifice this token: add one mana of any color to your mana pool"
Whenever you roll :chaos:, you may exile a spell from your hand. If you exile a card this way, each other player may choose any number of permanents they control. Then, you may choose a player. If you do, gain control of each permanent they chose this way, and they may cast the spell you exiled, spending mana as though it was mana of any color to do so. If you don't choose a player this way, return the spell you exiled to your hand.

(Ascara is a plane where solid ground is at a premium. Nobody knows how far down below the sky the Great Tower's foundation is built, but they do know it as one of the greatest civilizations and trading hubs on the plane)

The Grasp
[Plane - Innistrad]
Players cannot win the game. Additionally, players cannot lose the game unless all players would lose the game.
Players may pay as a group to planeswalk away from The Grasp.
Whenever you roll :chaos: or :planeswalker:, each player sacrifices a permanent and loses 3 life. If you rolled :planeswalker:, you don't planeswalk.

(Even in Innistrad, a plane made up of 90% dark alleyways, there are some places that are even worse)

Silverbell Field
[Plane - Ascara]
Lands have "The first time this land is tapped each turn, untap it"
Whenever you roll :chaos:, create three 0/2 white plant creature tokens with flying. Sacrifice them when any player planeswalks.

(Silverbell plants are one of the few plants in Ascara that can be grown away from solid land, and thus are very valuable. The silverbell fields are stable sections of clouds that the silverbells can root themselves in to draw off water and nutrients)

Great Beast Velok
[Plane - Ascara]
When you planeswalk to Great Beast Velok, each player creates a Planeswalker - Velok token that is all colors and has four starting loyalty, as well as the following abilities:
+1: Search your library for a land card, then put it onto the battlefield tapped. Shuffle your library.
0: Great Beast Velok becomes a legendary 6/6 beast creature with flying until end of turn.
-8: Create an emblem with "Whenever any player planeswalks, create a Legendary 6/6 beast creature token with flying named Velok that is all colors". Then, planeswalk.
Whenever you roll :chaos:, create one of these tokens if you don't control one. If you do control one, instead put two loyalty counters on it. Then, each player who doesn't control a Velok planeswalker loses 2 life.
Whenever you planeswalk, players sacrifice all Velok planeswalkers.

(A bit complicated, but I wanted to do this. Velok isn't technically a planeswalker (hence why it vanishes when you planeswalk). Rather, it's a giant creature that a nomadic tribe of people live on the back of on Ascara)

The Stonechanter's Citadel
[Plane - Altana]
Lands are 3/3 elemental creatures that are still lands.
Whenever you roll :chaos:, target land you control fights target creature you don't control.

(And a simple one to end things off. Altana is a plane I've messed with before, where the mana is gradually draining away due to the use of dangerous forms of magic (such as animating lands for combat). The Stonechanters are the faction; a group of goblins who are using this magic in an attempt to get vengeance on the other races that dismissed/minimized them)

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