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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2023 10:28 am 
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I made this because how could I not.

Jeska, Thrice Reborn / Act on Impulse
Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools / Death Wish

Obosh, the Preypiercer

Black Hole
Discourtesy Clerk
Line Cutter
Step Right Up
Ravenloft Adventurer
Caves of Chaos Adventurer

Costume Shop
Concession Stand
Balloon Stand
Gift Shop
Foam Weapons Kiosk
Information Booth
Storybook Ride
Swinging Ship
Trash Bin

Zombie Cheese Magician
Vampire Champion Fury
Urza's Dark Cannonball
Unstable Robot Dragon
Unique Charmed Pants
Contortionist Otter Storm
Slimy Burrito Illusion
Playable Delusionary Hydra
Happy Dead Squirrel
Phyrexian Midway Bamboozle

Bomat Courier
Wicker Picker
Desperate Gambit
Kick in the Door
______ Goblin
Chaos Warp
Proficient Pyrodancer
Gathan Raiders
Okaun, Eye of Chaos
Lightning Runner
Goblin Blastronauts
Dictate of the Twin Gods
Zalto, Gire Giant Duke
Bilious Skulldweller
"Lifetime" Pass Holder
Qarsi High Priest
Black Sun's Twilight
Bag of Devouring
Acererak the Archlich
Yuan-Ti Fang-Blade
Precipitous Drop
Six-Sided Die
Live Fast
Down for Repairs
Quick Fixer
Soul Swindler
Underdark Explorer
Gift of Doom
From the Catacombs
Thieving Amalgam
Ghastly Conscription
Court of Ire
Fierce Invocation
Aethertorch Renegade

5 x Mountain
5 x Swamp
Bojuka Bog
Sulfurous Springs
Smoldering Marsh
Geothermal Bog
Temple of Malice
Drossforge Bridge
Foreboding Ruins
Dragonskull Summit
Blackcleave Cliffs

Dice, poison, energy, Monarch, Initiative, coin flips, food, treasure, and a coherent damage multiplier strategy. Serenchaos 3-Real Magic Cards 0

edit: awww man I can't make tags work. sad.

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