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 Post subject: Game Mode Idea: Conquest
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:12 pm 
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In Conquest, the objective and gameplay of MtG is changed dramatically. The game itself takes inspiration off of the genre that spawned Warhammer 4K and Risk.

The rules for Conquest remains the same regarding turn order, spell targeting rules, mana payment rules, and deck constraints. Since the format is relatively new it would be reasonable to say that banned and restricted lists for Conquest would be nonexistent until there's proof of something inherently unbalanced with the game mode.

Oh. Sinkhole, Ice Storm and Stone Rain are restricted in this gamemode. The Legacy banned list applies here to avoid channel/fireball shenanigans. Un-cards are un-cards, and are subject to the same banning rules applicable in Commander.

  1. Each player starts out with 15 cards. All card draw is doubled.
  2. Each player may play as many lands as they want from their hand if they do not control any lands.

  3. Each player organizes their lands between a home front and a battle front.
  4. Both fronts are considered to be part of the battlefield and may be targeted as such.
  5. Players can move lands from the home front to the battle front, but cannot move lands the other way.
  6. If one player (A) were to attack an opponent (B) that controls no lands, that opponent (B) loses the game.

  7. Lands have life totals. Each land has 5 life counters on them when they come into play.
  8. Lands on the battle front can be attacked as if they were players.
  9. If a player has at least two more lands on the battle front than an opponent they are attacking, they may bring one of that opponent's lands to the home front.

  10. If a player to lose a certain amount of life, instead that player removes that many life counters from lands they control.
  11. If a player were to pay life, they instead remove that many life counters from one land they control.
  12. Players can't pay any more life than the number of life counters that are on one land they control.
  13. If a player were to gain life, they instead distribute that many life counters among lands they control.
  14. Lands are more than capable of having 6 or more life counters on them at any point in time.
  15. Lands without life counters on them are to be sacrificed.

  16. If a player were to get a counter put on them, instead that player puts that counter onto a land they control.
  17. If a land were to have more poison counters than half of its life counters, it shall be sacrificed.
  18. If a source dealt more damage than the amount of life that is on a land, that source's controller may scry X, where X is the amount of excess damage dealt this way.

Eugh. That was harder than I thought. There's also loopholes all over the place.

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