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 Post subject: Faeria
PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:07 pm 
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So I've recently gotten into a new digital card game called Faeria. Full disclosure, it was entirely because Totalbiscuit did a video on it that I even heard of the game. I like card games a lot, but a lot of them end up losing their appeal to me pretty quickly, and most are fairly expensive to get into even when they are free-to-play. Like, even Hearthstone, which has it's own dedicated subforums here, I didn't play for long before I grew tired of its lack of complexity and the amount of investment needed.

Now, I'm not going to make an impassioned appeal that Faeria is different. In fact, as a free-to-play game with two different currencies and seemingly no way to directly buy packs, it might be somewhat worse in that regard. However, one thing that has really drawn me into the game over not just its competitors but a lot of physical card games is its innovation on the normal Magic: the Gathering formula most card games tend to copy.

Faeria is part board game, with a small hex grid which players move their monsters around on, and you have to make it to the enemy's avatar to attack them; however, players actually create the grid as they play. Each turn players can play one land of any four colors, or two "colorless" lands. This lends the game an element of area control that no other card game (that I have played at least) has. In addition to that, and this is the thing I think truly separates Faeria from other card games, is that players can choose to not play any lands in order to either gain 1 additional mana or draw an additional card, solving the mid-to-late game problem most card games have involving their resource bases and hand sizes.

I already know Ragnarokio and Lilystorm have played the game, but I'm wondering if anyone else plays or is interested now?

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