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[Un-EDH] Squirrels
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Author:  Flyheight [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  [Un-EDH] Squirrels

Happy 2018!!
For my New Years resolution I decided to buckle down and actually write out the Squirrel EDH deck that I've been bouncing around in my head.

It's a crying shame for me that Earl of Squirrel isn't legendary, but we'll see what we can do.

Rhys the Redeemed is the foremost token commander for this deck, but I'm hesitantly looking at Ghave as well because it gives me the last two Un-Squirrel cards: Squirrel-Powered Scheme and Snickering Squirrel as well as access to Conspiracy to turn more things into squirrels.

It's worth noting that with Conspiracy out Half-Squirrel, Half-Ordinary Pony goes infinite even with the power level errata since it can now blink itself (because it's no longer a horse).

I'm going to start with a g/w version, simply making note of interesting black cards I see, and then see how hard the swaps would be to make it abzan.

Squirrels (18)

Changelings (7)

Land(1+37 others)

Definite Wants/Needs (25)

Other Curiosities (23)

Dice Rolling and Contraptions(18+15 contraptions)

Anthems (10)

Black Spells (17)

Selesnya Squirrels V1

Commander (1)
1 x Rhys the Redeemed

Creatures (35)
1 x Adorable Kitten
1 x Chatter of the Squirrel
1 x Form of the Squirrel
1 x Squirrel Dealer

1 x Night Soil
1 x Steel Squirrel
1 x Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage

1 x Avian Changeling
1 x Mirror Entity
1 x Ordinary Pony
1 x Ramunap Excavator
1 x Riveting Rigger
1 x Squirrel Farm
1 x Squirrel Mob
1 x Squirrel Nest
1 x Twilight Drover

1 x Acorn Catapult
1 x Acorn Harvest
1 x Aerial Toastmaster
1 x Chameleon Colossus
1 x Chittering Doom
1 x Dr. Julius Jumblemorph
1 x Free-Range Chicken
1 x Hydradoodle
1 x Joyride Rigger
1 x Krosan Beast
1 x Liege of the Hollows
1 x Squirrel Wrangler
1 x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice

1 x Deranged Hermit
1 x Mother Kangaroo
1 x Mycoloth

1 x Earl of Squirrel
1 x Nut Collector

1 x Storm Herd

Non-Creatures (26)
1 x Half-Squirrel, Half-
1 x Sol Ring

1 x Druid's Call
1 x Earthcraft
1 x Krark's Other Thumb
1 x Life from the Loam
1 x Lobe Lobber
1 x Sundering Growth

1 x Mad Science Fair Project
1 x Rootborn Defenses
1 x Sword of Dungeons & Dragons

1 x Anointed Procession
1 x Blade of Selves
1 x Chord of Calling
1 x First Pick
1 x Growing Ranks
1 x Midlife Upgrade
1 x Parallel Lives
1 x Saproling Symbiosis
1 x Second Harvest

1 x Doubling Season
1 x Multi-Headed
1 x Parallel Evolution
1 x Primal Vigor

1 x Devout Invocation
1 x Hour of Reckoning

1 x Swarmyard
18 x Forest
17 x Plains
I'll update the lands later

Contraption Deck (15)
1 x Boomflinger
1 x Gift Horse
1 x Gnomeball Machine
1 x Hard Hat Area
1 x Thud-for-Duds
1 x Widget Contraption
1 x Oaken Power Suit
1 x Faerie Aerie
1 x Goblin Slingshot
1 x Hypnotic Swirly Disc
1 x Optical Optimizer
1 x Pet Project
1 x Record Store
1 x Refibrillator
1 x Sundering Fork

CMC Curve


A little high, but not terrible.

The deck will want another pass through to add certain EDH necessary things like mana ramp, card draw, and removal, but at least I have the framework down. As always, comments are most welcome! ^_^

Author:  Flyheight [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Un-EDH] Squirrels

And now for the hard part: cutting cards to make room for the EDH necessities.
I love the composition of this deck and all the various different silly things it's trying to do, but that poses a problem. I have too many cards in the deck.
In thinking about this deck I've realized that I can take it in two directions:
1)Embrace the squirrels, cut the silly side angles that only help a few of the un-squirrels
2)Embrace the Un-Sanity, cut the weaker squirrels and leave the contraptions, host/augments, and dice rolling in

The 1) option will feel more like a typical Rhys deck, while 2) will probably turn into Ghave to grab the black squirrels and maybe one or two other cards (not that that helps with the card count).

Cuts to end up on version 1)

Cuts to end up on version 2)

Huh. That wasn't as painful as i thought it would be. I guess it really helps to focus the direction of the deck.
Now I just have to NOT ADD TOO MANY CARDS.

Adds for version 1)

Adds for version 2)

GW Lands

Lands w/ B

That leaves us with the following two decklists:

Rhys' Squirrel Mob:

Ghave's Unstable Silliness

Both decks really could probably use another pass, but the Rhys one in particular I think I skewed too high on the curve and maybe too low on the creatures. I'll make a decision later, when I have the time to run the numbers. But for now I'm satisfied with the updates to both decks as significant improvements over the mess that was my first combined list.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. These decks are far from tuned. =p

Edit: Evaluated the stats on both the Rhys and Ghave decks. Rhys actually looks mostly fine. Just want to make one easy swap, otherwise I'm pretty comfortable ordering cards for that deck as is. Ghave, on the other hand could use a little more work.

Author:  Flyheight [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Un-EDH] Squirrels

Did some more thinking on what the decks are missing and decided to tweak the card selection a little more:

Add to Rhys:
Card draw:
Huatli, Radiant Champion
Shamanic Revelation

Spot Removal:
Ghost Quarter

Glare of Subdual
Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Out from Rhys:
Blade of Selves (only 11-12 creatures I'd be happy for it to be on in the deck)
Chameleon Colossus
Growing Ranks
Chord of Calling
Myriad Landscape

Rhys' Squirrel Mob:

Add to Ghave:
Card Draw:
Split Screen
Ineffable Blessing/Ineffable Blessing (a)/Ineffable Blessing (f) <- (a) is preferred, (f) is acceptable

Spot Removal:
Dust Bowl

Merciless Eviction
Slaying Mantis
Oddly Uneven

Everythingamajig/Everythingamajig (e) <- aka the really good one
By Gnome Means

Out from Ghave:
Acorn Catapult
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
Storm Herd
Rootborn Defenses
Blade of Selves (only 10-11 creatures I'd be happy for it to be on in the deck)
Chord of Calling
Growing Ranks
Myriad Landscape

Ghave's Unstable Silliness

I'll find a home for Blade of Selves someday, but let's be real here: the token decks are probably not the place for it.

Both of these decks are now to the point where I just need to play test them. :)

Author:  Flyheight [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Un-EDH] Squirrels

Got some games in with Rhys last night and afterwards my friends gave me some input. Biggest conclusion is that I think I want some more card draw. More importantly though they talked me through some cuts.

1 x Reliquary Tower
1 x Druid's Call
1 x Life from the Loam
1 x Saproling Symbiosis
1 x Second Harvest
1 x Parallel Evolution
1 x Primal Vigor
1 x Zendikar Resurgent

1 x Myriad Landscape
1 x Yavimaya Elder
1 x Ineffable Blessing (a)
1 x Krosan Tusker
1 x Nissa's Pilgrimage
1 x Abundance
1 x Shefet Monitor
1 x The Immortal Sun

Other Options:

Also, looking at my list some of the cards I had listed under my 6 drop non-creature slot are actually 5 drops.

Rhys' Squirrel Mob:

Tests with Ghave will have to wait until I don't have an opponent who seriously objects to silver bordered shenanigans (his problem was mostly with the dice rolling).

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