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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:01 pm 
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I made a peasant cube around three years ago that was 360 cards. Since then Wizards has released a lot of new cards. Because of that I've recently made a lot of additions and removals. I want the cube to end up at 490 cards, ideally around 70 of each color, 70 colorless/lands, and 7 of each ally and enemy combination. As for what I want from the cube, I want it to push the limits of how strong a common/uncommon cube can be without being too dry (white having 10 versions of pacifism) or including cards that are demonstrably much stronger than anything else (Skullclamp, Sol Ring, Mana Drain). I am also trying to keep individual cards under $10. This does not necessarily mean that the cube is pure goodstuffs and can't have any themes, a theme is good for this cube if enough of the cards in it can stand on their own and better if they can excel in multiple strategies. For example a creature that generates tokens on ETB/LTB and can be played from the graveyard has synergy with three independent themes. So far the strong themes in the cube are Tokens (WBG), graveyard shenanigans (GBu), and ETB/LTB (Wux). There are also some archetypal themes like burn (Rb), aggro control (Ux), responsive control (UBR). And there is a light white matters and black matters theme to push a couple monocolored strategies.

If you have card or theme suggestions for the cube I am open to them, but the main thing I'm looking for is advice on what to cut. The digital version of the cube is currently 600ish cards and I'm looking to cut it down to 490 before I transition my physical cube.

Also feel free to draft the cube too, make sure to hit the save button when you are done so I can get an idea of what kind of cards and decks people like to draft.

Lastly, thank you.

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